Yes Gawd! 6 New Heels To Work The Runway

Oct 23, 2020

Beauty & Fashion | Kristina Cassar Dowling

Granted, we’ve all spent most the year in comfy sliders, we might have even worn a pair of socks with said loafers while in the confines of our homes - thanks Rona. Keeping up with fashion wasn’t all that relevant to our lives this year, there were so many excuses to not leave the house, I feel that many people took the opportunity to stay home and work their hallways instead of the runways we call streets.

But alas friends, fashion is always there. Always changing, always growing into something new, fresh and sometimes questionable. It’s like magic, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it's not there.

The Spring 2020 fashion collections came in vibrant colours, kicking out the 90s inspired shoes we’ve been sporting for a while and trading up for some remakes such as Mary Janes and platforms. Now, even though I don’t rock a heel, these 6 new 2020 heel styles may be the best thing in 2020. Jus’ sayin’.

Chained, for your pleasure

Chain accents; I’ll admit it; these are my least favourite on the list - but I guess they’re cute if you’re into the whole anklet on your shoe kind of thing. Designers have been strapping chains onto sandals, pumps and so many other heel styles; the simpler ones scream elegance; but the overly embellished appear to be a bit cheap in my humble-yet-quite-judgemental opinion.

Loafing is the new winning

Give me loafers any day. Such style, such a serious shoe bearer, so easily converted into hells.

With loafers popularity well on the rise, upgrading and elevating the standard granddad pair into fashionable accessories could go a long way. Also, you know they’re fashionable when Louis Vitton and Prada are taking a swing at loafers in 2020.

Kinky Boots in Full Colour

Boots have always been around, primarily because they are practical to keep the rain off your toes with their leather exterior and off your jeans, with their, well… length. Boots are a fun accessory and in 2020 a great way to add colour. If you’re buying some new kicks for the winter; why not opt for an unexpected shade of Marc Jacobs to spice things up a little.

Tie me up

Laces anyone? No, not the Converse kind, more like the Kendall Jenner 2016 MTV Movie Awards gig - but maybe not so messy. Lace up shoes have given every form of sandal, heel and espadrille the chic look it needs to kill it in the 2020 fashion game. These will be perfect for that Caribbean break, once flying around the world becomes possible again.

An extra inch would be nice

Bring on the platforms! There are so many reasons to scream right now! Platforms are back and they are so in! The coolest thing about a platform shoe is the added confidence you get with a few centimeters of added height. The Miu Miu collection is super cute and should feature in every wardrobe.

Don’t we love some Mary Jane(s)

Mary Janes are simply put, a classic shoe that, in the life of shoes, has done the most growing, if you think about it. Mary Janes were once the cute, reserved and most times boring office shoe; that transformed into the whimsical Dorothy-style shoes that are making a huge comeback; thank you Jason Wu!

With all the minimal designs, plays on classics and modern transformation of the shoes we all know and love, the heels, boots, sandals and platforms in the 2020 collections somehow warrant a complete wardrobe update.