We Interviewed The Founders of London-Based Group "Women of Brixton"

Aug 5, 2019

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For our latest interview we have had the chance to talk to the three friends behind Women of Brixton, a community for women based in the heart of London.

The founders – Marella, Benedetta and Elisa – tell Femie Magazine more about their organisation, the role feminism plays in modern society and how important it is for men to participate in the conversation.

We Interviewed The Founders of London-Based Group "Women of Brixton" Femie Magazine

Who are the Women of Brixton?

Women of Brixton is a community, a place that aims to connect women first, and maybe in the future also male, giving them a platform to speak, interact, share, build, and discuss themes with a proactive attitude, a reborn sense of freedom and awareness.

We are intersectional feminists, fighting against strict dynamics and patriarchal society, with the ultimate goal of levelling gender disparities.

You have recently been featured on The Guardian, where writer Aamna Mohdin described Women of Brixton as “an anti-capitalist, inclusive and intersectional community group”; that must have been a proud moment for you!

A very very proud moment, and definitely unexpected, even for our third member, Marella, that was not physically there, with us.

No actually we are in three, Benedetta social media manager and content creator, Elisa illustrator and graphic designer, and Marella womenswear designer, author and writer, that unfortunately did not have the possibility to be with us at London pride due to a business trip in Italy.

We Interviewed The Founders of London-Based Group "Women of Brixton" Femie Magazine

We love your commitment to anti-capitalism and inclusivity. How can we help make things better starting from the small things we do?

Capitalism is strictly based and connected to the cult of the individual, to a tendency that promotes a progressive fragmentation of the “self”, followed by a constant sense of reduction of resources and deprivation, that trigger in people psychological dynamics against the idea of community, of sharing and engaging.

So according to this view, and our biological need of being a “social animal”, we should crack this social construct all focused on the fear of the others, bringing back a more honest, genuine and human dimension and attitude, both in our private and working life. We should change our mentality first, connect with others, choose more inclusive model at work, embracing the power of cooperation, sharing ideas with our colleagues and peers without scepticism.

People are not our enemies, our competition or model to follow, are simply human beings like everyone else.

At Femie Magazine we are all about women empowerment and inspirational stories. So tell us, who are the women that inspired you the most while growing up?

Marella: Maya Angelou

Benedetta: Angela Davis

Elisa: Jamila Jameel

Benedetta, you migrated from Italy to London a few months ago. Did London meet your expectations when you first arrived?

London is an inexhaustible tank of inspiration and creativity, a colourful and soulful melting pot of people, ideas, traditions, cultures and way of living.

London is our big “mama”, and represents for us all a place full of hope and dynamism, where are beliefs, aims and desires are finally taking place.

It was said that “once you are tired of London, you are tired of living”, and this is exactly how we would explain our deep emotional connection with this city.

We Interviewed The Founders of London-Based Group "Women of Brixton" Femie Magazine

We admire the work you do to empower whoever feels like they don’t have a voice that’s loud enough to speak up. So, what is the ultimate goal for Women of Brixton and what are you dreaming to achieve in the next few years?

First it would be very rewarding, also to have some men joining the community, as a proof that society is moving to a more positive, healthy and equal dimension.

We have several things in mind, such as:

- Create a Sexual Education program in schools, with no more cliques and tabu.

Exploring humans psychological dimension regarding sexuality, and promoting a full understanding of the anatomy of the bodies, in order to iron out disparities and prejudices.

- Gender Equality course for children, teens and adults. In schools, work places, entertainment spaces. Because we can win over patriarchy only through a proper education, especially on men's side.

- A Course dedicated to women that wants to start a business, because you know, being independent financially is the first step to women's freedom.

- Creation of a multilingual help line for women, comprehensive of legal advices from experts.

These are just few of them, and we are always open to continuously progress throughout new ideas and proposals!

You can find Women of Brixton on Facebook and Instagram.

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Pictures Courtesy of Women of Brixton