When November Strikes You Know You’ll Be Typing With NaNoWriMo, The Biggest Writing Challenge

Oct 25, 2019

Health & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

If you’re into creative writing but have not heard of NaNoWriMo - then by golly, you’re missing out! NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and has been held every year in November since 1999. The challenge is simple; write a novel in the 30 days of November. Heh, erm, yeah, sure… that sounds easy enough.

Hey! Shoo that self-doubt out of your head; this is a challenge that you can totally complete if you put your mind and your typewriter to work. Maybe trade in the typewriter for a nifty MacBook; you’ll probably get there a teeny bit faster. Your novel is set to reach a minimum word count of 50,000; so if you think about it, you’re looking at 1,666 words a day - let’s make it 2,000 a day to leave some time for Netflix breaks, surprise visits from the family and overall proofreading at the end of the ordeal. Totally possible, right?

This non-profit organisation is a social network where writers unite, connect and create their next masterpiece, one trackable word at a time. The system is live all year round and allows you to add previously written content to your profile. the aim of the game is to work on one individual's novel from conception to finish during the month of November - so don’t go cheating and submit a year-long piece of writing as though it took you 30 days to complete. That’s just plain rude bro.

In 2017, NaNoWriMo saw 306,230 participants type away in hope of novel recognition. Ah, I guess we did forget to mention that… your novel, the one you write within the 30 days of November, is reviewed by the professionals on the NaNoWriMo board and could, if it’s good enough, get published with the big dogs out there. I know right, totes awesome! Think of stellar reads like A Series of Unfortunate Events or Charlotte’s Web - both novelists were NaNoWriMo winners.

Wrimos, get your keyboards ready for a 2019 epic adventure where 50,000 words and 30 days are fuelled by cat cuddles by the fire, a cup of Earl Grey tea with the tiniest drop of milk, soothing jazz music in the background and a couple dozen hours of idle wonder in the middle of your greenest local park. Let inspiration strike - your next batch of words might land you a super awesome book deal.