What to Watch This Autumn/Winter: From Apple TV+ to Netflix

Nov 06, 2020

Health & Lifestyle | Lauranne Heres

As Summer ends, viewers are usually treated to an avalanche of new shows known in the US as the “Fall/Winter premieres”. Many of your favourite series will also come back between September and October, to end in late May; or return in January to run until late July.

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However, this year, TV schedules around the world have taken a massive hit as the pandemic has forced the industry to stop filming and everyone’s favourite shows either hastily cut their run short, ending a few episodes early leaving massive cliffhangers; or they threw in a “coronavirus episode” where everyone was on the phone (nod to All Rise, which did it beautifully).

Thankfully, they managed to set up safe working conditions and bubbles to continue filming, and we were treated to many shows filmed prior to Covid-19. Here’s what to look out for in the coming months!


The new kid on the block has upped its game since it launched last year, and while we are eagerly awaiting a new season of The Morning Show, there is plenty to fill the void.

If, like me, you’re desperate to leave the house and get on a plane to ANYWHERE, Long Way Up is just what you need right now. The show follows Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a trip from Ushuaia to Los Angeles, this time on electric motorbikes. Episodes are released weekly, and if you need more, you can also catch up on their first two adventures, Long Way Round and Long Way Down. Prepare for breathtaking views (especially in the new show which has better equipment) and intriguing encounters both human and animal.

"Long Way Up"

Fans of Homeland, rejoice! Tehran is an Israeli thriller series which follows Tamar, a Mossad agent, as she goes to Iran for her first big mission. But things are not as straightforward as they seem and soon, complications arise. The show is mainly in Hebrew and Persian with subtitles, but large sections are spoken in English too. It hasn’t been renewed yet, but fingers crossed!

For a dose of feel-good, you have to watch Ted Lasso. The show follows an imaginary UK football club, FC Richmond, as they attempt to improve their game and stay in the league. By hiring a US Football Coach (as in, American Football), their new owner Rebecca is sure to ruffle many feathers, however nothing goes according to plan. Expect amazing one-liners, loveable characters, enough football to get you excited and plenty of rousing speeches.


Everyone’s favourite streaming service has been on fire during the pandemic. People flocked to the service during lockdown and they delivered.

Enola Holmes was an amazing movie to add to your favourite Sherlock Holmes works. Based on a book, the story follows Sherlock’s sister Enola as she sets out to look for her mother who has suddenly disappeared. A worthy Holmes sibling, she will use all her skills and knowledge, also investigating the escape of a young Lord whom she meets on a train. A delight to watch, and hopefully the first in a series of adventures!

"Enola Holmes"

Fans of The Crown, rejoice! Season 4 drops on November 15th and will follow your favourite characters as they navigate the 80s with Charles’ and Diana’s courting and wedding, the Thatcher years (Gillian Anderson plays the part!) and many more intrigues to follow. The show has also been extended and will end after season 6, giving us plenty of time to wrap up everyone’s stories.

If you want to relive lockdown, Netflix has just released Social Distance, a show filmed entirely remotely. The eight episodes each focus on different characters and follow them during the early months of the pandemic, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd. You’ll recognise some faces, including Danielle Brooks from Orange Is The New Black, who plays in an episode with her mother.

If you’ve binged the first season of Virgin River during lockdown, get ready for season two coming in late November. All your favourite characters are back, with more calming river views and soulful conversations, as well as extra intrigue. If you’re always on the lookout for more, why not give Sweet Magnolias a go as well?

Love Jane Austen and other Regency stories? Bridgerton might be for you! Based on the book series by Julia Quinn, produced by Shonda Rhymes, and narrated by Julie Andrews, this show promises plenty of pretty dresses, handsome suitors, and lots of gossip! There were eight original books, let’s hope Netflix is prepared to film all of them!

To get your fill of 80s nostalgia, why not try Cobra Kai? Originally on YouTube, the show then moved to Netflix where it has picked up a second wind. Fans of the original movies and newcomers have flocked to the show which is based on a fanfic. We follow Daniel and Johnny 30 years after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament as Cobra Kai Dojo is reborn. Prepare for some awesome moves, kickass music, and plenty of flashbacks. Season three is coming in early January, so you have plenty of time to catch up!


Started in March, the official Disney streaming service is jam-packed with all your favourites, old and new.

Fans of Star Wars, don’t just watch the movies. The Mandalorian had a successful first season establishing great characters and introducing the world to “Baby Yoda” (not Yoda, but of his breed), and a second season is coming on October 30th! What new adventures await our unlikely duo? What intriguing characters will we meet on their travels? Tune in to find out!

"The Mandalorian"

If you missed it at the cinema (highly likely since they closed the week it came out), then you can finally watch Onward now! The movie stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, two of your favourite Avengers, as creatures from a faraway land. Their father, who passed away many years ago, was a wizard who left a spell to come back to life for one night. However, something goes wrong and only his legs appear. In a race against time, the two brothers will have to work together to make sure they can finish the spell before it’s too late!

And for Christmas, get ready for the latest Pixar movie, Soul! Jamie Foxx is voicing Joe Gardner, a dejected musician who dies accidentally and finds himself in between worlds. With the help of another soul, he must find the way back to his body and ignite his passion again before it’s too late.

Amazon Prime

If you were a fan of Reign, then The Spanish Princess is just right for you. Based on Philippa Gregory’s novels, the show brings to life a young Catherine of Aragon as she tries to negotiate her wedding with Arthur Tudor, then her widowhood and her subsequent marriage to Henry VIII. Season one was a hit, and season two just started. Episodes are available on Prime with a Starzplay subscription.

Everyone’s favourite family drama, This Is Us, returns October 28th with its fifth season. The last episode of season four left on such a cliffhanger, fans have been desperately scouring the net for months waiting for morsels of information about the Big Three and waiting with bated breath for teasers and trailers. The show has already announced that they’ll tackle the pandemic head on, as well as integrating the BLM movement and how it’ll affect Randall and his family in particular. Catch up on all 4 seasons ahead of time if you haven’t started it yet!

"This Is Us"

Earlier this year, Amazon dropped its own version of The Good Place, Upload. The show had a lot to live up to but has managed beautifully. With a good cast, catchy dialogues and some amazing tech and science-fiction elements, Upload imagines what the afterlife could be like if you could upload your consciousness into a virtual reality. Reminiscent of Matt Damon’s Downsizing, the show has lots of potential, and a second season is in the works.


Be prepared to see your favourite medical dramas return in the next few months, all tackling the pandemic in their own way.

Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident and The Good Doctor are all available on Sky Witness. Previous seasons can also be found on Prime or Now TV, but when the new seasons are scheduled in the UK, Sky will have them first.

"The Good Doctor"

All three shows have officially acknowledged that they’ll tackle the pandemic in their new seasons, explaining that it would be foolish to ignore what’s been going on, considering they’re meant to reflect real life. Don’t be surprised to find Meredith Grey, Shaun Murphy and Conrad Hawkins battling the effects of coronavirus in their own hospitals when the shows return on air. While producers and writers are aware that many fans want to escape from their problems when watching TV, they’ve insisted on integrating current events as much as possible.

January should also see the return of 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star in the US, with a UK release sure to follow. These shows will also integrate covid-19 into their storylines, as first responders and police have been heavily affected by what’s going on. Also expect The Rookie to feature some elements in their next season as soon as they start filming again.


BBC1 has just started Roadkill, a four-part series based around Peter Laurence, a charismatic right-wing politician. On his way to the ultimate role, PM, Peter sees his political and personal lives unravel. Under attack by journalists and whistle-blowers, will he emerge unscathed from the ashes, or is this the end of his career?

Strictly Come Dancing is of course back this year, with more sparkle and pizazz than ever! Contestants and professionals have been forced to isolate or create bubbles, and the public is not allowed on set. A same-sex couple is in the game this year, with Tess and Claudia still at the helm of the ship.

"Call The Midwife"

Prepare your hankies this Christmas for the special episode of Call The Midwife! The production resumed filming a couple of months ago, following strict protocols. The holiday episode will be followed with a full season as usual, much to our delight. And in the meantime if you feel like catching up on the early seasons, most of them are on Netflix.

Channel 4

All4, the Channel 4 streaming service, has managed to acquire a great number of shows to binge. You’ll find everything there, from Seinfeld to ER, Buffy The Vampire Slayer to The West Wing.


They’ve also announced The Greatest Showman on their platform, and your favourite dating shows have special boxsets you can download and watch, such as First Dates, First Dates Hotel or Undateables. And if all this time at home has left you with fingers itching to DIY your entire house, George Clarke has all his shows available on the service to stream.