Wanderlust: One Last Trip With Femie Magazine

Feb 26, 2021

Interviews & Inspiration | Lauranne Heres

This is it folks, my last Wanderlust. It’s a shame that throughout the year I was lucky enough to write this column, I was only able to travel once. Sigh. Thankfully, I had 4 years of extensive globetrotting behind me to provide you with some exotic locations to dream about while you moved from Couchdonia to restaurant “La cuisine” before finishing the night at Club BED. While we can’t travel yet, the days are slowly creeping closer, and some of us have already made plans to, well, get the f*** out of here ASAP. So, here’s to you. I’ll start us off, and then you, my favourite people, can let me know what your travel plans are as soon as it’s safe to go again. And thanks for reading me, I’ll miss you loads.

Lauranne, London: As soon as I’m allowed to go without having to quarantine, I will try to go home and see my parents. On top of that, we’ve also booked a trip to the US for October, hoping that we’ll both be vaccinated by then. We’ll be able to see my boyfriend’s family and do a cross-state road trip which appears reasonably safe.

Iris and Fernando (my parents), Lyon (France): We very much want to travel to London again as it’s been between 8 months and over a year that we haven’t seen our only child. Iris would also like to be able to go to Germany safely to visit her mother, who’s been mostly alone and has had to deal with several medical issues since mid-2020.

Jan, Fredericksburg (Texas): We’re taking our RV and travelling to Galveston and Branson in Missouri. There’s great food and golfing, and it’ll be so nice to be outdoors again.

Jean-Michel, London: I’m definitely going to Palm Springs, California to stay with good friends. I’m fond of them and love the landscape, the long walks in the Californian desert, the amazing Mid-century Modern style and the relaxed, easy going atmosphere.

Katie and Nicky, London: We planned a trip to Korea for September, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to go. We went a few years ago and absolutely loved it, so it would be great to go back. Katie is also writing a novel set in Korea, so it could be considered research?

Marianne, La Plagne (France): I’m travelling to Banff in Canada for my son’s wedding!

Cécilie, Glasgow: I was due to go to a few places throughout the pandemic, but the one I can’t wait to go to is Japan. I love the culture, the food, the scenery. This will be my 4th time going. This time we’ll go to Hokkaido in the North. To help me wait, I’ve been taking Japanese classes so I’m able to chat to locals more this time around. You can manage on English alone, but you’re missing out on so much by not speaking Japanese. I won’t be able to go as soon as travel restrictions are lifted because I’m having my first baby in the summer, but it’s lovely thinking about it. My first ever trip after lockdown is likely to be France so baby can meet my family.

Kim, Knoxville (Tennessee): Me and my fiancé are hoping to get vaccinated this summer and visit our friends in Portland, Oregon. It has been over a year since we were able to travel or go to concerts or generally do all the things we love to do, and we are so close. The light at the end of the tunnel is here!

Cécile, Dubai (UAE): In April we plan on flying to France. I haven’t seen my mother or my eldest son in over a year, so I’m very much looking forward to that.