Up-and-Coming Model KÏA on Her Beginnings and Mentoring Dreams

Nov 20, 2020

Interviews & inspiration | Daniela Pisciottano

This week, we interviewed floridian model KÏA, who told us all about her debut in the fashion industry and what (she hopes) the future holds!

You’re working hard to establish yourself as a model and you have already worked on a few great projects. What has your favourite one been and why?

First off I want to say thank you for this opportunity and for giving me a platform to express myself and for my voice to be heard. But if I had to say a project I’ve done that was my favorite. It would have to be when I worked with a brand called “Buurcouture”. BUUR Couture is a brand by Malick Badiane, he’s originally from Senegal, West Africa. The brand started in 2015 selling modern urban clothing and accessories. The goal is to expand globally, but to achieve the philanthropic mission by helping children and families in need. Buur is a word in Wolof that means “Royalty”. The brands goal is to bring unique clothing items to make anyone who wears it feel like royalty. We shot at a familiar beach I’ve been too. We did photos, a couple of videos using these uniquely cameras I’ve never seen before. It was just such a good vibe to meet and work with people from a different Continent!

You said “On a mag is where I wanna be”. If you’re one who believes in the power of affirmations, then you’re on the right path! What is one magazine cover you really want to be on?

Yes, I really do believe in affirmations. I’ve always been a firm believer that the power is always in the mind. If you tell yourself you can do something. Then you indeed can do it. It also works vice versa, that’s why I believe your mind is the most powerful tool ever. As for a magazine vogue would be my favorite. VOGUE is a magazine I look up to. Sometimes I find beautiful concepts that I would love to try and make it my own. A close second would be ELLE.

How did you passion for modelling first come about and was it difficult to get started in such a tricky industry?

The story of how I got into modeling is a story many ask me to tell. It all started when I was around the age of 8-10 I would say. My mom signed me up at John CasaBlanca. There I learned about the importance of makeup, fashion, modeling, and even how to walk a run way. I remember there was an opportunity to audition for a commercial and this commercial was about Jello. I was given the script and I just remember practicing it wherever I went. After I auditioned, out of thousands of kids. I was the first one chosen and they guided my parents and I to the back room. From there the next step was to fly to New York but my parents said I didn’t want to. So I stopped modeling. I started taking modeling seriously again I want to say 4 years ago. Now I wouldn’t say it was hard to get into the industry but I will say it’s hard to get recognized in the industry. Nowadays, people don’t support talent. They support popularity.

You’re an eclectic model and the camera loves you. Of course, part of the credit also goes to the photographers you have worked with. So, what photographer would you love to work with and why?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I really do try to execute all my poses to bring the concepts to life. Of course I still have things to work on and to better but everything is a process. I wouldn’t really say I would like to work with any particular photographers. The photographer I work with now Purelifekd. He’s amazing at what he does, truly a talented individual and needs to be seen. I would say though that I would like to work with different photographers from different states. I want to work with people from all over the world!

Where will Kia be in five years’ time?

Hmm, now this is a hard question that I don’t even know the answer to. I really don’t know where I’ll be in five years but I can say where I would want to be. Five years from now I’ll be 25. At 25 I want to be already settled in my house, engaged, and I’ve already mastered modeling. I want to be already successful in the modeling industry and known. So I could start to work on my other hopes and dreams. I even have thought about being a mentor for aspiring models. I can really see this in my future.