Time For a Hair Flick: 5 Awesome Hair Colours to Dye For!

Mar 3, 2020

Beauty & Fashion | Kristina Cassar Dowling

Whether you’re feeling down in the dumps or simply looking for a good excuse to spice things up a little - a quick hair dye solution is always a good answer. Hair dye has been around for eons; infact 1907 gave us the first synthetic hair dye with none other than Eugène Schueller… he’s the dude who brought us L’Oreal.

So over 100 years ago, broads used to strut around town with vibrant shades of orange and metallic grey; pretty cool right! Well, let’s not take it that far… somewhere in the 00s; cool colours of any shade of the rainbow began to flourish and become high fashion.

We’re talking trendsetting, wild and crazy colours here. So if you’re bold enough (and brave enough) to sport some bonkers locks; here are 5 great options for this season:

The Pastel Hair Dye

Pastel hair is pretty darn cool, it’s whimsical and unicorn-y and who doesn’t love them unicorns? Pastel hair reminds me of a cross between a really beautifully decorated cake and a glamorous mermaid - but maybe Ariel Versace has a lot to do with this connection. Love!

The Grey Dye

Another of my absolute favourites - but only if it’s done right. Grey hair dye, to me, is one of the most stylish and fashionable colours in the entire universe. But getting it right seems to be quite the challenge for even the most professional of ‘professionals’ - from green to purple to shade of blue; these are the subtones that appear to take over the hopeful grey dye. Not cool.

The Dipped Ends Dye

This is not my absolute favourite, a dipped end is simple, subtle and can carry out a variety of options and styles; think black and pink as a classic (albeit overdone) combo; maybe burnt orange with black ends would be a little more creative. Meh!

The Caramel Dye

The caramel dye is reserved for the goddesses, the glamazons and the absolute show stoppers. Caramel is a colour tone that the likes of my mum would smash out without batting an eyelid, natural beauty with an overall natural look. Definitely on fleek!

The Shadow Roots Dye

Shadow roots are tricky - they can either look really, super, absolutely cool, or they can look like you’ve missed a few sessions at the salon; so tread carefully here. A shadow root look works best when a lighter tone covers the majority of your hair. Could work.

These wacky creations will up your attitude and give you a whole new oomph! If you’re worried about the bleach and full on treatment; try vegan products such as Arctic Fox for some of the most vibrant colour combos you can think of!