Tiger Eye: Old Hair Colour Trend For The New Year!

Feb 6, 2020

Beauty & Fashion | Sarah Cottis | Editor Lauranne Heres

You have heard of Balayage highlights, but have you heard of Tiger Eye? When it comes to beauty and fashion, people tend to associate old trends with bad trends.

But what harm is there in revisiting something you personally think would look good on you even if this belongs to the past month, year or even decade?

Old trend or not, very few people are familiar with Tiger Eye so we have created a basic guide in order to give you an outline of the style and show you why you should give this hair makeover a go!

Tiger Eye is a “rock-inspired” hair colour, as defined by many, that revolves around three main hues; gold brown, dark brown and bronze brown. The three unique colours, applied to your hair in the form of highlights, create a range of depths that serve to add an extra layer of glam to your hair.

Although not a seasonal trend, Tiger Eye will look best during the Winter thanks to the warmth it adds to your hair colour. Talk about ways to stand out!

While anyone can pull off any hair colour they like (you do you!) Tiger Eye is better suited to people with warm complexions. This, of course, shouldn’t stop you from asking your colourist to suggest a different hue and slightly tweak the highlights for a more neutral colour that will look more in harmony with your complexion.

The general rule of thumb is that your hair colour should be in the brunette family in order to achieve the best possible Tiger Eye. But is Tiger Eye really customisable?

If you have warm undertones, then stick with the original Tiger Eye; honey golds and deep bronzes are the tones for you.

If you have cool undertones, choosing more neutral hues will be a wiser choice.

Tiger Eye won’t require too much maintenance; once the colour starts growing out it’s up to you whether you want to touch up the roots every now and then or let it grow out organically.

The caramel hues of Tiger Eye are what you need to add a deep warmth to your hair this Winter so, before you go off to find out what undertone your skin is, there is one last piece of advice we want to give you.

If you read our article on cutting your own bangs, then you will know that, sometimes, deciding to go for a DIY approach isn’t too much of a risky choice – you can always disguise a bad fringe!

Other times, however, if you want to avoid a major disaster, you should trust a professional to take care of it. Well, that is the case with Tiger Eye so don’t do it yourself, aka DDIY!