There's An Art Behind Applying Mascara: The Makeup Tip You Didn't Know About

Jan 24, 2020

Beauty & Fashion | Daniela Pisciottano

Mastering the art of makeup can be difficult, especially if you don’t have much time in the morning.

Your alarm goes off, depending on how quick you are getting ready, you probably have between half an hour and one hour to get out of the front door.

You get dressed, have breakfast then brush your teeth. If you have time you style your hair nicely, if you don’t, a ponytail will do.

But what about makeup? The clock is quickly ticking and you don’t have time to get your makeup bag out.

Forget about eye shadows, concealers and eyeliner, you will need only one thing to give your morning face some glow: mascara. As also pointed out on Elite Daily, mascara is the only good thing you will need to look “bright-eyed” in the morning.

Beware though, to get the most out of your mascara you will have to apply it in a certain way. There is, in fact, an art behind applying mascara and we’re here to teach you!

Step 1: The Choice

Start by figuring out what your lashes need. Is it thickness, volume, or perhaps length?

This will be crucial when choosing the right mascara for you. For instance, vibrating mascaras have been designed with the sole purpose of recreating the “zig-zag” technique used by most makeup artists. The movement allows the eyelashes to separate and look thicker and healthier. On the other hand, if what you need is volume, make sure you choose a lengthening mascara, which will make your lashes look long and voluminous.

Step 2: The Prepping

Prep the area. Think about when you put foundation on your skin – you always make sure to use a primer or moisturiser first in order to prep the area for the makeup you’re going to apply.

Well, the same goes for your eyelashes. Using a lash primer will help them separate, avoiding the “lumpy” look you get when using a low-quality product.

Step 3: The Action

When putting mascara on, most of us tilt their heads back and, with our eyes wide open, we start brushing the product through our lashes. Well, apparently that’s the mistake we all make!

Next time try this. Squint your eyes and start applying the mascara from the root of your lashes. For extra volume, keep up the zig-zag technique and brush your way through your lashes a couple of times. While your eyelid will get pretty messy, your lashes will look thicker than ever and, if you remembered to use a lid primer, all you will have to do is just wipe the excess product off and you’re done!

So this is the drill, having perfect eyelashes is possible, all you need to do is use a good primer, choose the right mascara for you and get zig-zagging!