Guide To A Sustainable Wardrobe Revamp: Project 333 Explained

Sep 6, 2019

Beauty & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

It’s finally the weekend, you’ve been cooped up in the office waiting for the clock to strike 17:00 on Friday and that time has finally come!

You scurry back home, dive into the shower, get that work stank off you as fast as you can and head to your wardrobe to pick out your outfit. As you open the mirrored door, a mountain or creased clothes fall out, covering your feet and the entire bedroom floor.

It’s time for a change; time to sort your wardrobe out and filter through your selection of clothes - this might take a while, but it will defo be worth it, we promise!

Let’s transform your wardrobe into a Marie Kondo haven with the Project 333 system! Project 333 is an initiative started by Courtney Carver as a minimalist fashion approach that encourages her followers to make use of 33 items of clothes for 3 months. There’s a sustainable element that comes into play here and the ultimate moral of the story is that your wardrobe is clearer, more organised and only features your favourite items.

No need to waste an hour of your evening looking for that perfect dress, that super scarf or even those sexy shoes you once wore… they’re all there, right in front of you - a wardrobe full of favourites. #winning

Here are the rules:

Let’s talk about the when

Your time span for a selection of clothes changes every three months. You’re basically working with the seasons so think wisely before choosing your go-to pieces of clothing for this stretch.

Here’s some info on the what

You’re going to try and limit yourself to 33 items for the 3 month period but remember this is not an exercise in self-deprivation, this is an exercise of minimalism. There’s no sense in sporting a skimpy dress of a torn pair of Toms - be sure to replace them and choose your items sensibly.

Know about the what nots

This is not a sacrificial practice, nobody’s telling you to get rid of that special jumper you first wore when you met the love of your life, or the ripped jeans you had on that night you and your mates snuck into the town festival - those are sentimental items and should be stored away in a memory box.

So your 33 items do not include; your wedding ring and other important bling bits that you never take off. Undies, sleeping bits and the stuff you wear around the house and workout clothes and adventure gear.

See! It’s not that hard and it will really brighten your mood every time you open your wardrobe doors - a display of your favourite clothing items ready to be shown off to the world.