Comedian Rebecca Rochon Tells Us All About Her "One Night Stand Up Comedy" and More

Dec 04, 2020

Interviews & inspiration | Daniela Pisciottano

We had a chat with the incredibly funny stand-up comedian Rebecca Rochon, who told us all about her "One Night Stand Up Comedy" and her creative agency Pivot & Pilot.

Covid-19 has put a real strain on the entertainment industry, hitting live shows particularly hard. We know you managed to participate (and also produce!) some socially distanced gigs recently, like the “One Night Stand up Comedy Night”. How would you describe that experience? Was it your first time producing a show?

Yes, it has been a big adaptation for shows as all theatres and bars have been closed. Now, comedy is being done in restaurants at half capacity. Which is great for bragging about a sold-out show ;) but It was disorienting at first because typically you want people stuffed into a room all crowded in a comedy bar, but now everyone is sectioned off and has physical glass barriers between them - you have to learn to play to the crowd differently.

One Night Stand-Up is a unique show in that it encourages audience participation! The audience submits their wildest dating stories and then the comedians go up and do 5-10 minutes and then pick their favourite stories and riff off of them and the best story wins! It is a ton of fun and the stories we hear are funnier than most material out there hahaha.

We noticed while doing shows and interacting with crowds, ESPECIALLY now with COVID, the audience is so eager for a night of laughing everything off and wants to interact with the comedians on stage.

I loved producing a show! Nervous leading up to it, but it was a really fun time :)

If you could describe your comedy style in just one sentence, what would it be?

A white lady in her very-late 20’s

Different comedians have different creative processes, although there is one thing they all have in common: testing new materials on innocent crowds! Who’s your go-to person when you’re looking for honest, non-sugar coated feedback?

My go-to is my boyfriend Alfie. He is extremely good at finding ways to communicate an idea in the least amount of words possible and thinking from my perspective. He may sugar coat things from time to time so that I will still bang him, but I think he gives it to me straight most of the time. My other go-to would be my business partner, Alejandro - he cuts right to the chase and can be a real bitch!

You’re also the co-founder of Pivot and Pilot. Explain how your creative agency stands out from the rest!

Yes! I started my branding, e-commerce & packaging design agency, Pivot & Pilot Creative, 5 years ago. We help food beauty, and wellness brands stand out, and capitalize on their first impression. Check out our YouTube channel: Pivot & Pilot Creative :)

I would say we are unique in 2 ways:

1: We are great partners for products looking for retail-ready packaging, especially if they are selling or exporting to many different markets. Our packaging design service goes beyond the branding or imagery, but also ensures your bag is compliant, certified, has French translation (if selling in Canada) and for e-commerce, as compact and light as possible.

2: We do not have a certainaesthetic or stylethat we try to fit your brand into, our work reflects the unique qualities and market positioning of your business. For example, if you want to position a brand as affordable, it needs to look affordable, not luxurious, or if you are an organic, natural product, you may use colours or graphics that make that instantly understood.

So, where can we see you next?

One Night Stand Up has an event on November 28th at the Devil's Elbow, we got a bigger room where everyone will be at seperate tables and booths which we are excited about. follow us on instagram @onenightstandupcomedy and to book a private event or get on our email list.

I also do shows with the Vancouver Comedy Ring at Hood 29, Rawsome Comedy in the basement of Keto Caveman Cafe, and Wild Laugh Comedy at Neptune's Chinese Chicken

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