Natural Skin Solutions To Fit Into Your Routine

May 6, 2020

Fashion & Beauty | Kristina Cassar Dowling

The greatest thing about being stuck at home is that we’ve got a whole lot more time to ourselves. And while most of us are probably in an “I don’t want to do anything” phase, we’ll soon all snap out of it and get that self-isolation glow we had in the first two weeks of lockdown!

OK, show of hands… who here took a break from make-up? Who here thought twice about following their weekly skin routines? Who here needs to stop this wreckless cycle and get back to taking care of their skin? Me, me and me!

While I’m absolutely living for the no make-up idea, I do think I need to pay a little more attention to my skin - I don’t think a daily shower counts for skin care. Does it?

If you follow my blogs here on Femie Magazine, you’ll know that for every aspect in my life, I try my best to find a sustainable, natural and if possible vegan solution to anything that comes my way - skin care is no different.

Did you know that many of the commercial products we use on our skin could be harmful in the long run? There are so many horrible artificial ingredients in regular face wash, body wash, creams and such that we simply do not need in our life or want on our bodies. Natural solutions are so much more effective if you’re looking at the bigger picture.

Give these 6 skin routine solutions a try to slay your smooth skin goals:

Keep it cool

Wash your face with cool to lukewarm water, while cold water is the best tool to wake you up and energize your skin, you need some sort of heat to remove the dirt off your face. If you’re wearing makeup, remove as much as you can before you wash with coconut oil or witch hazel.

Wash it good

If you’re into the whole eco/natural/sustainable/love-the-plant gig like me, then you should really get yourself a container of Castile Soap - this will be your new cleaning agent; from face to floors; trust… it’s great. Mix some castile soap with a drop of your favourite essential oils and a little bit of jojoba oil; DIY natural face wash - for a fraction of the price might I add.

Scrub it out

All you need here to take out all the nasties from your face is some coconut oil, some pink Himilayan salt and a few drops of your favourite essential oil, I would go for lavender or tea tree; and if you like the combo… use both. Geranium is also highly beneficial to the skin. Mix these babies up and scrub away. Do this once a week.

Don’t forget the rest

This is not only a face-issue; you’ll need to scrub the rest of your body too. My best natural (and absolutely free) solution here is coffee grounds, used coffee grounds can be stored in the fridge or freezer, depending on how much coffee you drink per week and used as a scrub every Sunday morning. This is my ritual - your skin feels so soft, but don’t leave it on for too long, and from personal experience, it would be best not to put it on your face. Just sayin’.

Pack in the moisture

Face and body masks are also great for the skin. I remember making honey and avocado masks with my granny when I was a kid. Talk about a progressive nan, using avocados in the 90s! Even though this is a super great option, hydrating and smells (and tastes) great on your face; I’d much rather eat my avocados than stick them on my face. I usually use Fuller’s Earth Clay; it’s inexpensive and goes a long way.

Bonus: Fuller’s Earth thins out facial hair, removes blackheads and dead skin and gives you a natural glow.

Protect that canvas

The truth is you’ll probably be back to slapping on make-up soon enough so do your best to protect your skin and give it a break from time to time. Make sure you use a rich hydrating face cream - and differentiate between day and night. My favourite brand NAR Candles always gets the job done with the Classic Face Cream and the awesome night solution too.

These zero chemical solutions will give your skin the love it deserves for a good, long time. Start yourself off young, get on the natural train and you’ll notice the difference in no time.