NAR: Sustainable Candles to Spark Some Luxury Into Your Life

Oct 18, 2019

Health & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

Winter is getting closer and closer… and that can only mean one thing! It’s candle lighting time! Well, not that we didn’t light up a few candles to ward away the mosquitos throughout the summer, but winter and candles are a match made in wax heaven, and we’re ready to light them up!

Are you bored of the synthetic smells that waft out of your traditional scented candles? Are you sick of the unwanted heaps of plastic that surround your factory made candles? Are, you, rational reader, done with the unethical or unnatural materials that go into the production of your candles? If you answered yes to these above questions; then NAR (Natural. Aromatherapy. Remedies) Candles has the top solution to your problems.

NAR stands for Natural Aromatherapy Remedies and is a luxury, yet eco-friendly candle making line that focuses on quality and sustainability from being to end. These natural creations are made by using premium ecological ingredients that are vegan and totally reusable. What? A reusable candle? Why yes, once NAR Candles are used up, the melted wax can be used as a balm on your skin. To avoid burning your finger in the process, be sure to blow out the candle… no joke, I’ve seen this happen.

To add to the sustainability factor, NAR Candles encourage a ‘no-waste’ community where containers from all their products can be returned and refilled for a discounted price. Just to add a little bit more to the power eco-level, NAR Candles sew all their packaging; no plastic, no unnecessary wrapping or anything silly like that, just a pretty little bag of repurposed cloth and a pretty little string to keep the natural aromas tucked away. And… you can reuse the bag to store your little trinkets.

All ingredients that find their way into NAR Candles produces, including the classic candles and beauty products, are sourced locally, and by locally, we mean the gorgeous Mediterranean sun-kissed land of Malta produces some sweet and fruity additions to amp up that eco-vibe.

Typically presented in a glass jar, the classic NAR Candles comes in the form of four classic blends that make use of top grade essential oils that help soothe the senses, promote relaxation, rid the room of nasty odours and brighten the mood - depending on the combination of essential oils and carrier oils. The creative crew on board also takes custom orders and guides customers to make the right combinations for their desired purpose.

How about getting hold of this luxury product as a special treat for yourself this Christmas? Or spread the love and the petals… your family and friends deserve the best!