Making Your Commute Better One Book At a Time… Or Is It a Music Playlist?

Jan 13, 2020

Health & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

The daily commute… ahh, not entirely the greatest part of the day - you’re pretty much bound to an hour or so of traffic that doesn’t really ease up too eagerly. So many hours of our lives are spent in traffic, so learning how to make the most of this time is a pretty reasonable investment in your sanity.

Here are a few options to keep you occupied while you’re on-the-go:

Cruising in a car

It’s 17:01; you’ve made a serious sprint for the door, you jumped over the carpark barrier, dodged Susan from Accounts and made it to your car by exactly 17:04. Success. You start your engine, floor it and head towards the light; you’re out the parking, onto the little side street and briskly onto the motorway… direction home. It’s 17:07; all’s good, you turn the next corner and ahh, traffic old faithful; I thought you’d forgotten about me.

No worries though, you’ve got yourself a killer Spotify playlist to jam out to. We’ll start off slow with a bit of Norah Jones and pick up the pace with a wee bit of Spice Girls to get the mood back up. Your favourite tracks on one awesome playlist - you might even start to love rush hour.

Books on the bus

Whether it’s a text book or a classic novel, there’s always an excuse to read. You’ve got no control of the vehicle you’re being driven in. You’ve taken this route a million times over and all you need to do is sit back and wait for the time to pass.

Why not open your mind to a whole new world, full of fantasy, discovery and maybe romance or possibly even horror! There’s no better way to escape than with a good book, but if you’re not quite into reading all that much - get yourself an audio book or podcast to wash your sorrows away.

Typing on the train

Train journeys are usually a little bit longer than the regular old bus route; you’re looking at 45 minutes or a full hour worth of idle waiting. Make the most of your time with a keyboard and screen - aka your trusty laptop. Prepare your work for the journey; get connected to the nearest WiFi or set up your Personal Hotspot for full access to the web

Typing on a train is an easy way to watch the time pass by, planes also carry the same sort of appeal - if your flight’s longer than 2 hours, you’ve probably going to need some sort of entertainment; your packed sandwich and crisps just won’t cut it.

It’s not that dull, sitting in traffic or waiting for the journey to end when you’ve got something to do. Your choice is pretty simple; you can either be productive and get a tonne of work out of the way, learn something new, maybe catch up on some reading or you can sit back and relax with your favourite tunes humming away, maybe even throw in a few solo karaoke moments in there - why not?