Let’s Get Those Jazz Hands Sparkling! 6 Top Nail Colours to Keep 2020 Shining!

Feb 4, 2020

Beauty & Fashion | Kristina Cassar Dowling

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you’d get into your mother’s make up kit; splash as much blusher on your face as you could and compliment that cheeto-orange tinge with the reddest lipstick you could find.

Avant-garde perhaps, but pretty low on the fashion spectrum. While make up application was never really a forte for me as a kid; the wonders of nailpolish always appealed to me.

It was probably the colours that did the job; so much variety and so many different combinations. Growing up in a pure hippie household meant that expression through colour was always encouraged and it often meant having 10 shades of nailpolish on my wee fingernails.

Now, as I’ve ‘grown up’; getting my nails done is no longer a cheeky Friday night painting session, it’s a bi-monthly upkeep that keeps my nails looking decent. A trip to the nail technician still gets me excited to choose from all the pretty colours available - but I’ve now chosen a standard look for me. Black. Maybe a dark grey if the day was kind.

Jokes aside, choosing a nail colour to last the month is quite tricky, it’s got to compliment your wardrobe and even resonate your mood - not an easy choice.

Here are 6 hot options for the lass or lad whose looking to stay on top of the nail trends this season:

Killing it with solid black

This is obvious, black goes with everything, it just fits in to the whole ‘let’s get it over with’ kind of attitude and it can also mean ‘dude, I’m serious’. For me, it means I think I need to be a little more professional, neon pink might not fly too well in my next meeting.

Tie to go nude

Nude, for me, is an absolute classic. It’s such an elegant colour and it compliments any look, whether you’re rocking the plaid blazer or laying low in an all black look, nude is a simple way to keep your nails looking tidy and not standing out too much.

Maybe a shade of blue grey

Blue grey is hot at the minute. All shades of grey are hitting it big in the nail salons at the moment, but a subtle blue grey is a serious, yet playful colour tone that, I guarantee, will get you so many compliments. Pretty unavoidable with such a gorgeous colour.

Deep green, tres chic

Ahh, one of my absolute favourite colours. Deep green reminds me of nature, of fresh air and of beautiful velvet tapestries - and now; a super luxurious nail colour. The deeper the green the sexier it is. There’s a great difference between shades of green, but when you find your shade; you won’t turn back.

The movement of metallic

Interesting, fun, adventurous and totally on the ball when it comes to style and taste. Geez, metallic colour options are awesome focus points for any look, they bring a touch of playfulness and a whole lot of character to an overall outfit. Work that Judy Jetson realness.

Classic cherry red

If you’re a classic type of gal, maybe a cherry red is what your look calls for. If you’re into the power look, the kick ass executive attitude, maybe red is your colour. Red screams a thousand words, some of which may be a tad powerful, but cherry red numbs that aggression and brings a childlike feeling to the mix. Give it a go.

I think you’re going to need to head to your nearest cosmetic store to hunt these beauties down, right? #sorrynotsorry