Launching Wanderlust: The Monthly Column About Travel, Inspiration and The Occasional Expatriates!

Mar 23, 2020

Interviews & Inspiration | Lauranne Heres

Welcome, welcome, welcome (can you tell I watch John Oliver?)!

This is Wanderlust, your new monthly column to regale you with all things travel! I’m not only going to tell you about my holidays (to be honest that would probably annoy you after a while), but I’m going to give you great tips about booking your own getaways, the coolest cities, the best walking tours, the nicest foods to try when you’re there… There will be interviews with travel and tourism professionals to show you how the other side works.

And we’re also going to talk to a LOT of expatriates around the world about their experiences of moving away from home. Some of them have done it once, others keep moving around because they are restless; but all of them will talk you through their experiences, likes and dislikes and what the biggest changes were for them.

Wanderlust Lauranne in South America (left) and in Central America (right)

Before you wonder who on Earth I think I am to be telling you all this, let me just introduce myself properly. My name is Lauranne, I was born in France to a Spanish father and a German mother and for as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed travelling. When I was younger this wasn’t very far, only to the next country up to the right, or down to the left or where I lived on the map. Trips were done by car or train, and I had never been on a plane until I was 24! I went to an international school, and all of my friends came from all around the world and have since moved all over!

As a teenager I dreamt of faraway places, my calendar would always be some exotic beaches that I would then cut out and put on my wall. Every time I watched a movie or show, I wanted to go to wherever it was set: New York, Chicago, the Pyramids, Middle Earth…

When I left for University, I moved to another country (England, duh) and discovered a whole new world. And yet, I did not travel much! I went to visit a friend during her Erasmus exchange year, but that was only to Germany. I would go home for the holidays… And then one day a flatmate took pity on me and decided to book us a trip. I voted for Greece, but the cheapest place we could find on ended up being in Egypt. And so, I jetted of on my first flight to Sharm-el-Sheikh using easyJet. I was totally freaked out, I got a bit woozy on take-off, but once I was in the air… How small the world looked outside! Was that the Mediterranean we could see outside? Probably Greek Islands? This wasn’t at all what I had feared! This was just a big bus which served you food.

And then I met my boyfriend four years ago and he had already been to all these amazing places that I’d only dreamt of. Together we planned one holiday after another, and now I can proudly say that I’ve been to every continent and over 50 countries and I am not stopping there! We plan our trips so long in advance, we had Australia 2020 down in 2018!

Travelling has made me a better person. It has forced me to try new things, new foods, new means of transportation. I’m more empathetic and I am more accepting of people’s differences. I’m less afraid of talking to strangers, and I have pushed myself physically because I wanted to see what was at the top of those billions of stairs (a temple. Or a waterfall).

Wanderlust Lauranne in Cape Town (left) and in Asia (right)

Coronavirus is forcing us all to take a step back from travelling at the moment, and we’re already considering cancelling the next few trips we had planned but this will only be postponed to a later date - I won’t let this stop me. My wanderlust is unquenchable!