We Interviewed LaNette Kincaide, Founder of The Non-Profit Organisation Women With Gifts

Jul 20, 2019

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Femie Magazine had a chat with public speaker, founder of the non-profit organisation Women With Gifts LaNette Kincaide, who told us more about the crucial role helping others has played in her life and how we can contribute to help women through her non-profit organisation!

We Interviewed LaNette Kincaide, Founder of The Non-Profit Organisation Women With Gifts Femie Magazine

If you could describe Women With Gifts in just three words, what would they be?

Women With Gifts Intl. is a nonprofit for women.

You launched the organisation in 2010. So, who was LaNette before Women With Gifts?

Before the start of Women With Gifts Intl., I had just graduated from both Tarrant County College with an Associate’s Degree of Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree of Science from Texas Wesleyan University. While in college and shortly after college, I owed a business selling jewelry and accessories for a business I created called Just Pearlz, which I started with only $50.

One of the main goals you set yourself when starting the organisation was to give low-

income women, victims of abuse and women struggling with mental health the tools to

become self-sufficient. Can you share with us the story that touched you the most?

One of the things that have impacted me the most since starting Women With Gifts is when we spent our Mother’s Day at nursing homes and gave out blankets to every women in the nursing facility. One of the ladies in the nursing home cried and asked me why I was giving her a blanket and I told her that we was giving her a blanket because we cared about her. She told me that she had spent a lot of her life in the nursing home where she hadn’t had visitors in years and less known anything given to her.

From that day to this day, she and other women that we have encountered on our journey is the reason that we can’t give up.

Every year you host the “Women Are Roses” award ceremony; tell us more about that and

how it helps empower women in a very unique way.

Our Women Are Roses Award Ceremony was created to recognize women from all walks of life that go over and beyond to help others. In addition, this event was created to also recognize authors and entrepreneurs who have created a business or product that was created to help others. A lot of women may feel that this event is strictly for women in the United States but this even is for women globally. All monies and donations received during this event goes back into the organization.

We Interviewed LaNette Kincaide, Founder of The Non-Profit Organisation Women With Gifts Femie Mag

Women With Gifts will turn ten next year. How are you planning to celebrate this big accomplishment?

Our goal is still to reach, teach and empower women. One of our mission with our organization is to host another I Survive Concert. We hosted this event 5 years ago and we want to host this event again in order to again share awareness for Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. We will keep you posted on the progress of this event.

Tell us about the help you give to low-income single mothers and what we can do to make

their lives easier.

The help that we give to low income women is education, coats, blankets, we also help with women with other needs such as bills, food and rent as our funds allows. We are a donation-based organization and we feel if more people know about us and what we do, the donations will automatically come. Your readers can help our organization by continuing to be supportive of our organization by sharing what we do from our website.

In addition, we are always looking for volunteers to be a part of upcoming events and fundraisers.

Lastly, we know your organisation is all about women; who is the woman who has had the

biggest influence on you throughout your life?

My mom has been the most influential in my life. I know most people say that their mom has been the most influential but my mom has really impacted my life because we didn’t grow up rich and she was a single mother and even though my mom didn’t really have a lot to give but she always gave to others in need what she had and she always volunteered her time. I also encourage other women to donate their time as well. It doesn’t always have to be with an organization but take time to donate your time to others.

You will love yourself for it in the end.

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