It's All In The Hips. How to Show Your Dominance in Every Pose

Apr 15, 2020

Health & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

We’ve all been there, the dreaded Monday meeting where all the lads in the office dominate the space and make most women in the room feel inferior. It’s a fact that women feel a lot less confident in the workplace due to (possibly unintentional) machoness.

But what if you can learn how to show your expertise, your value and your power by giving your posture an upgrade? The 4 tips below show us how to up our game is all in the hips:

Mind over Matter

First of all - get that nonsense out of your head! You’re a top contender in your field and you should show your stuff 24/7. If we feel defeated in life, then there’s not much hope of our circumstances changing; accepting that you’re weak or unable is a sure sign of giving up.

Shake it off and tell yourself you’re awesome (because you are)

Dynamic Dominance

Move around a room with confidence. Your desk, office or station might be your little sanctuary and when you’re doing your thing, be it tending to a client or firing out some killer emails, you know you own that zone.

Take that oomph with you around the office; slouching by the printer and dragging your feet to the loo won’t get you far dolls.

Fake it Till you Make it

We’ve all heard the expression ‘fake it till you make it’ - I for one, was never quite the fan of this saying - I find it a tad degrading. But the truth is, you’ve probably already ‘got it’, it’s just that no one is really paying attention. Remind yourself that you’ve got this.

So perk yourself up and stand tall; even if you’re having a lousy day. You’re a winner baby.

Chemical Balancing

Standing tall and improving your posture can increase testosterone levels. Wait, what? Yeah, really, Sue Schellenbarger and Katy Keim over at Wall Street Journal pointed this out in an interview. They also noted that giving importance to your posture boosts that chemical soar of cortisol to help decrease stress levels at work.

Sounds good to me, we all need a little balance in our lives.

So tip those hips ladies, dominate a room knowing you’re Queen Bee and show the office you’re a force to be reckoned with. Whatever you do, work it girl.