Get Extra Cash and Make Room in Your Home: The Joys of Decluttering!

Jan 30, 2020

Interviews & Inspiration | Lauranne Heres

Have you ever stared at your bank balance and ever wondered where on Earth your cash went? Didn’t you literary just get paid a week ago? Between rent, food, student loans and credit card repayments, suddenly your income just shrunk to a tiny sliver you are meant to use to go out and, you know, have fun with.

If you want to make a little extra cash, there’s nothing better than selling some unwanted or outgrown items from your own collection. No need to Marie Kondo your life, but January is always a tight month (all those December Christmas parties and gifts are catching up with you…) and all you have to do is have a look at all the things you don’t use anymore and see if you can sell them off!

If you don’t know what to start with, have a rummage in those drawers and boxes of things you never open. Is there a handbag you haven’t used in a few years? A pair of shoes you bought but never wore because the one time you did you tripped? How about that hat you got for a wedding but never wore?

We all have a bunch of things lying around that we don’t actually wear or use. You can also have a look at those clothes you’ve grown out of, be they too small or too big; or just some style you don’t adhere to anymore!

Don’t forget jewellery you don’t wear because it’s not your style, or it’s gotten too tight; as well as toiletries and make-up that are new but unwanted.

It’s also a good idea to have a look at electronics you don’t use anymore, like an old DVD player that you replaced but never got rid of, or your old mobile. If you have a really old and lame laptop, you can still sell it for parts once you’ve cleaned it.

eBay is the easiest place to sell almost everything on. Some items take a lot of time to sell (most used clothes) while others go quite fast (jewellery or electronics). You pay 10% of the final price on each item and postage has become very easy as you can link your eBay and PayPal account with RoyalMail and print everything at home and just drop it at the post office without having to queue.

Most people start selling at 99p, and people can bid, or offer a lower price but guaranteed sale. Things you’ve barely worn or used usually do well around the £5 mark, and if you’re selling something more valuable, like an instrument for example, check what other people listed it for and go for slightly less.

If you don’t want to pay any fees, try selling on Facebook Marketplace instead.

Electronics and entertainment items that still work, like old iPads or e-readers, older games and CDs, DVDs and books are best sold or exchanged in shops like CeX, GameXchange or WeBuyBooks. If the item is in good condition or in high demand, you will get more money for it. If it’s older or well-used, you will get pennies, but if you have a lot to exchange, this can accumulate fast.

And don’t forget that anything you don’t want anymore but that is not in good enough condition to sell, you can always donate. Local charity shops will accept most clothes, and what they can’t sell they usually donate to the Red Cross or local shelters.

You can also donate old Bras to a charity called Smalls for All, and lightly used make-up and toiletries can go to homeless shelters in your area.

If you regularly sell things, you can make £10-£15 a month. Remember to renew items if they don’t sell within a few weeks, and consider lowering the price occasionally. If you dump a lot in one go, you can make a good chunk depending on the quality of your items, and you could walk away with extra cash to go out.

So use this weekend to dive into the depths of your wardrobe, unearth some long-forgotten gift you never had any intention of using and get rid of some clutter to rake in the pounds!