How to Build A Relationship During Lockdown

Nov 20, 2020

Health & Lifestyle | Patricia Jackson

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic turned the world, and our dating lives, upside down. If you’re single or struggling to build relationships in lockdown, our article has some tips and advice on virtual dating.

Back in 2019, your favorite go-to date night idea might have been cocktails in a hot new club or a trip to an art gallery or museum. Cue 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic and everything has changed. Lockdowns and social distancing measures have been introduced with varying degrees of severity across the world, leaving many single people locked down alone. Similarly, those who were in the early stages of relationships now find themselves faced with often being unable to meet their partners in person.

So, how do you build relationships during quarantine when your date options are so limited? Do we give up or should we embrace virtual dating? Before you cancel your subscription to the best dating sites 2020 take a look at our ideas on how to build relationships during a lockdown.

Lockdown Date Ideas to Help You Build Relationships

Wondering how to build relationships during a global pandemic? Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, meeting up in person is not the only way that couples can develop relationships. We’ve been talking to relationship experts to hear all the ways that new couples are making connections despite the pandemic.

Here’s some of the best ways to build relationships in 2020:

● Video-Date

By now, we’re all a bit burnt out with Zoom meetings and video calls with the boss. However, although it can feel awkward at first, there are some surprising upsides to hosting virtual dates. For one thing, chatting via video call – as opposed to meeting in person for an activity – forces you to communicate.

New couples are being forced to get to know each other through speech before they move onto any physical intimacy. While this can lead to some awkward silences, it also helps you quickly identify people you feel comfortable with and those you don’t. Relationship experts believe that, ironically, the lockdown measures will lead people to make deeper connections and have more fulfilling relationships in general. People are being challenged to discard hook-up culture and really focus on talking. From a psychological perspective, it will probably lead them to build relationships with more meaning and depth in the long run.

● Virtual Dinner Dates

Restaurants may be off the table in many places, but you can still experience a world of cuisine through take-out. Many new couples are recreating the classic dinner-date routine by ordering food to their separate apartments and eating it online together. While it may not sound hugely romantic, it’s a great way to get to know each other and learn about each other’s favorite foods or cultural backgrounds. Plus, it’s always fun to add a great new eatery to your list!

Another plus is that you can feel really relaxed on your dates as there’s no need to dress up or leave the house. Although it can be fun to make the effort, the coziness and intimacy of meeting from your respective homes may help build relationships during coronavirus that remain close afterward. So, throw on your comfies and give it a try!

● Netflix and Chill

The pressure of constantly chatting online and coming up with new conversation topics can be exhausting. For new couples, watching a film together is a great way to relax and learn about each other’s tastes. Plus, you can dissect the film afterward!

Although a trip to the cinema might be off the cards, streaming sites like Netflix have add-ons that can let you watch together from different locations. This is an excellent way to recreate a real date scenario and build relationships during times when you can’t be together. You could also schedule regular dates to binge-watch a popular series together.

● Socially Distanced Outings

Although outdoor meetings between different houses are totally prohibited in some areas, in many places couples can still meet outdoors. If you both love outdoor adventures, you can take on a new hiking trail or find a safe outdoor spot to swim. If you live in urban areas, you could grab a takeaway coffee and find a space in a local park to chat.

Of course, as the weather gets colder through the winter months it may become harder to build relationships outdoors – although some coffee shops and restaurants are providing heated outer areas. Look out for places in your local area that offer this. You might be surprised how much you both enjoy exploring the great outdoors!

The coronavirus pandemic is new territory for everyone, and we shouldn’t expect too much of ourselves during this time. Whether you’re single or looking to build new relationships, remember that the world is very strange right now and many of us need support and communication. Try to go into dating with an open mind and remember that virtual dating can be an amazing build-up to when you finally meet in person!

Are you in a new couple during quarantine? How have managed to go on dates and keep your connection alive through lockdown measures? Have you been on any virtual dates or used dating sites during the pandemic? Tell us about it in the comments!