The Role Hoop Earrings Played in History and Pop Culture

Jun 10, 2019

Beauty & Fashion | Daniela Pisciottano

Some think the bigger the better while others suggest the smaller the classier; either way, we can all agree that hoop earrings are the statement accessory everyone needs in their jewellery box!

The Role Hoop Earrings Played in History and Pop Culture

Unlike most of the accessories out there, hoop earrings are impregnated with history and if you want to wear them, you need to know about it.

Since the Black Power movement in the ’60s, women of colour have made these their signature earrings and, from Tina Turner to Beyoncé, these statement hoops couldn’t get any more fierce.

But the history of hoop earrings doesn’t stop there as they keep maintaining their rock-solid position into fashion through the 70s, the 80s and all the way to the 90s when the trend was oversized.

The variety of hoop earrings out there is incredibly wide; from tiny, classy hoops to bold, oversized ones, here are some of the styles you can find.


Discreet and tiny, mini hoops are a big fashion statement, despite their size. Easy to be styled, small hoops are by many considered the perfect hoop for “newbies”; they are, however, a versatile accessory everyone should have.

Femie MagazineThe Role Hoop Earrings Played in History and Pop Culture


Just like the mini, midi hoops are a discreet statement for those who prefer to keep it simple. They can, of course, come in all sorts of styles and, while the size can be relatively small, they can also be chunky and colorful for a more outstanding look.


If you want to stand out without putting too much work in, then large hoops are the ones for you. Think of Diana Ross mid-80s and you have a clear idea of how much of a statement these are. Big shoes to fill, we know, but you should give it a go!


Lastly, pop icon Zendaya has mastered the art of wearing oversized hoops with any outfit you can think of. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement to complete your evening look or a touch of fun to a casual work-outfit, oversized hoops are the way to go!

So, next time you wear hoop earrings, remember the history behind them and be respectful about it.

Pictures: Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels