Dating Advice: Is It a Good Idea to Visit a Museum on A First Date?

Jun 14, 2019

Health & Lifestyle | Daniela Pisciottano

What if the awkward silence on a first date turned into a moment of contemplation of an art piece? How much better would that date be if there was actually a reason to keep quiet other than the lack of topics of conversation?

Be ready to discover a game-changer in the dating game: museums!

Dating Advice - Why Going to The Museum on A First Date Can Be a Genius Idea Femie Magazine

That’s right, forget Nando’s, the best venue for a first date is a museum and here are a few reasons why.

Some of the best museums are free!

If you’re on the quest for true love chances are you’re dating quite a bit and we know that can be expensive. But most big cities have some amazing museums that would make the perfect first date setting and some of them are free. If you live in London, for instance, you’re in for a treat!

Whether you’re a Tate Modern type of person or you think your date would rather spend the evening learning about different animal species, South Kensington is the place to go!

Art gives you something to talk about

If you’re worried there might be some awkward silences on your date, then a museum might help the conversation flow. In fact, whether you go to a modern art exhibition or to see an astronomy installation at the Science Museum, you will get conversation inputs everywhere you look.

And if neither of you is good at keeping the chat alive, just gaze off into a painting and your silence won’t be one bit awkward.

Femie Magazine Dating Advice - Why Going to The Museum on A First Date Can Be a Genius Idea

It shows that you care

If you had a chance to get to know your date a little bit before meeting them in person, then you might already know enough about them to choose a museum that they will love.

Taking your date to their favourite museum might be the winning move that will not only show that you’re attentive and caring, but that you’re also a good listener.

Of course, things can go the other way around, so make sure you don’t take someone who hates contemporary art to the Tate Modern or you’ll both be in for a boring evening.

Museums are full of love

Love is the greatest inspiration for all artists and, wherever you look in a museum, you will find paintings, sculptures or installations that will hit a soft spot in your heart. Hopefully, your date will feel the same. Isn’t this the best case scenario for a successful first date?

Smart is sexy

There is something about clever people that makes them sexier than what they think. Don’t brag – that’s the biggest turn off in the history of first dates – but show them that you’re not just a pretty face!

Dating Advice - Why Going to The Museum on A First Date Can Be a Genius Idea Femie Mag

So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to impress a date, museums are the perfect solution and, if you want to make

It’s not easy to forget your first ever museum date so, even if things don’t go well between you two, chances are they might remember you as the most unique date ever!

Pictures: Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels