Femie Interviews The Mind Behind "The Drag Bible" Daniel Cooke

Dec 11, 2020

Interviews & inspiration | Daniela Pisciottano

For this week's instalment of Femie Interviews, our editor-in-chief had a chat with the lovely Daniel Cooke, drag promoter and the brains behind The Drag Bible.

You’re a drag promoter; tell Femie Mag’s readers a little more about your job showcasing drag looks from around the world!

Every day on Instagram I have hundreds of drag performers and drag artists from around the world sending in their fierce posts whether it’s them performing on stage, or them showing off their fantastic make up skills.

They all get in touch by simply tag or hashtag me and I repost the ones that stand out to me and it’s difficult to choose out the many that get sent in everyday. I discover so many unique drag artists everyday that needs that Glow Effect for others and my followers to discover too.

I have many celebrity followers as well that I’m amazed to be friends with and now can say promote on my page too if they have anything relatable to drag which is fun.

We recently interviewed UK drag queen Poppycock and we pointed out the fact that TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race have brought the concept of drag queens to the mainstream public. If we go back a few years, however, things were much different. Can you recall when was the first time you ever saw a drag queen (either live or on your TV screen)?

I met the lovely and sweet poppycock several times in London on stage she’s a great talent. The first ever time I went to a drag show was with my family at a young age in Turkey, Hisaronu - ‘Talk of the Town’ A Drag Cabaret Show which was incredibly funny for the family And it was before Drag Race have started in the US And 10 year old me was thinking this is what I want to see more of!

Then growing up and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race as you do, it’s become more popular and huge each year and we was all thankful in the UK for the show to come to our television screens and RuPaul managed to create a Drag Race UK which meant a big deal to the fans and many drag artists of the UK & Ireland.

Lockdown has proven to be a tough time for all entertainers; have you manged to book any socially distanced gigs during these strange months?

Thankfully my lockdown back in March wasn’t boring. As many Drag Artists came up with their own Digital Drag Shows on Twitch that made my Saturday nights fun. I sat on my sofa had a drink or two and enjoyed watching my local queens/kings perform in a way which was amusing and great to watch at home.

I even tipped some of the performers because it didn’t felt different from watching them live in bars or on stage. Not just that, I even been to some social distancing drag shows this year thanks to UK Drag Event Organisers ‘KlubKids’ who continues to produce a safe enjoyable evening with the queens of drag race UK and other local queens as well.

As a drag promoter, you showcase drag looks from around the world and the variety on your social media is real! What is, in your opinion, the most fabulous drag look you have featured so far (we know choosing is hard but do your best!)?

I showcase many fabulous drag looks on my Instagram yes! it’s like an art gallery on my profile. I’ve seen a lot of drag looks from around the world but if I had to choose, the artists that come straight to my head who continues to impress me are the drag artists from France!

Their work are phenomenal.. it’s gets me excited to see what they will do next! Kam Hugh & The Arseniek are the two that I suggest everyone to check out as their work is just outstanding and I hope drag race comes to France next.

You have a line of Drag Bible merch. Want to tell our readers a little more about that and how they can get their hands on one of your fabulous tees?

I do have merchandise out at the moment just recently added to Redbubble.com if fans like to get their hands on a t shirt or badge or even a mug and tumbler they can go onto my profile on Instagram and click on the Merch story to see what else I have to offer.

I even give out free badges if you can find me at drag conventions and drag shows across the UK. My next huge gig will be in London next year in 2021 for KlubKids New Drag Festival LIVE IN LONDON & MANCHESTER MARCH 27th + 28th.