DIY Spa Day: Do Something Creative and Caring For Yourself At Home

Apr 17, 2020

Health & Lifestyle | Rhiannon Wardle

It’s a weird time for us all right now, and we’re trying to figure out what to do with ourselves during this unpredictable isolation period. Everyone has different coping mechanisms, and all of them are acceptable. While it may feel lazy to lie around in pyjamas all day watching a lot of television and reading, it can be hard to feel active and creative when you’re shut off from the rest of the world. And so, we should remember to be kind to ourselves and understand that our happiness is the important thing right now.

For those who don’t want the stress of accumulating new skills, but are sick of staring at a screen, I have a solution. A DIY spa day involves a bit of creativity, but prioritises relaxation and making you feel like the well-accomplished, glowy human that you are. It may only take one day but the results will last a whole lot longer. Also, who says you can’t have multiple spa days in a week? We’re stuck in our homes - let’s allow ourselves a little luxury. Also, all of the DIY recipes mentioned in this post can be made with items in your kitchen - so don’t worry about stocking up! Here’s how to make the most of your day:

Create the ultimate good vibe

In order to relax, you need to create an environment you want to be in. Do whatever it is that helps you feel good, whether that means tidying your room, lighting candles, or even going out into the garden to feel the breeze on your skin. If you drink, pour an alcoholic drink of your choice, and put on a playlist you love. Try SZA or Jorja Smith for some chilled out beats with harmonious vocals.

Wash and steam your face

Wash your face with your favourite face wash to get the party started. If you need a new one, Lush has some delectably smelling face washes with natural ingredients - I currently own Let The Good Times Roll, which smells like cinnamon and butter. Moving on to the steaming, it is extremely simple to steam your face even if you don’t own a steamer. Simply boil some water and pour it in a glass or ceramic bowl, add some essential oils (if you want to), and cover your head with a towel. Steam for about 10 minutes, and make sure your face isn’t too close to the hot water. Voila! You now have increased the circulation to your face and opened your pores.

Use a DIY face mask

Make some colloidal oatmeal by grounding some oats in a food processor, and proceed to add some water and natural yoghurt until it becomes a creamy mask. Oatmeal is an FDA approved therapeutic ingredient for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and will therefore moisturise your skin and reduce redness. Add a little bit of green tea in there too - green tea helps to remove toxins from the skin, reduces inflammation, and heals blemishes and scars.

Put on a DIY hair mask

Mash up a banana and half an avocado - whizzing them in a food processor with a bit of water will create the creamy consistency that you want. Add a little bit of warmed coconut oil or olive oil for shine. Avocados contain natural oils and fatty acids that are incredibly nourishing for the hair, and bananas have a high silica content which works to smooth hair.

Have a bath or shower and exfoliate with a DIY exfoliant

Rinse off your hair and face mask while in the bath or shower, and really try to relax. You can give yourself a head massage or play some music in the background. Once you’ve washed your hair and body, it’s time to try your hand at exfoliating. While you could make an extremely simple brown sugar and coconut oil exfoliant, why not try something a bit more exciting? Mix half a cup of coffee grounds with 2 tbsp of hot water and 1 tbsp of warmed coconut oil. The fine texture of coffee grounds exfoliates your skin gently, and you’re going to smell delicious.

Exfoliate your lips with this tasty DIY recipe

All you need is brown sugar, coconut oil and honey. Scrub your lips gently in circular motions, and you can lick the remnants because this recipe is completely edible. What can be better than combining self-care and food? Make sure to use a good lip balm afterwards - check out Lush and The Body Shop for cruelty free lip balms on the high street.

Moisturise your face and body

Moisturisers are a little more individual to a person’s skin type, so I recommend using one you already own rather than making one. If you need a new one, check out the affordable Cornish skincare brand, B Skincare. They have moisturisers and body oils to suit every skin type, and they only use natural ingredients that are cruelty free, palm-oil free and sulphate-free. What’s not to love? I can personally recommend the Calendula cream for those with dry or sensitive skin.

Lounge around in a dressing gown

Do whatever you want to do! You’ve had a drink, pampered yourself with four homemade recipes, you’re feeling fresh and revitalised. Maybe it’s time to go back to watching TV in your pyjamas?