Diary of A Sleep Deprived Londoner: How CBD Oil Can Be The Solution To Many Problems

Sep 18, 2019

Health & Lifestyle | Daniela Pisciottano

Being the editor of a small publication doesn’t sound too hard. Add to that a day job, a dog to walk, a home to look after and a partner to save some attentions for and you will soon realise that the life of an editor is not so glamorous after all!

I live on a very busy road and the past couple of weeks have put a strain on my patience. I’m laying in bed, again, struggling to fall asleep and the outdoor noises are only making things harder. No matter how many cushions I pile up on the window sill, nothing seems to isolate the room from outer noises.

Diary of A Sleep Deprived Londoner: How CBD Oil Can Be The Solution Of Many Problems, Starting From Insomnia!

Despite being a morning person, nights like these test my ability to be up and ready for the day at 7 am.

Blame it on stress or the streets outside getting busier but my bedroom is not the peaceful place it used to be and counting sheep doesn’t work for me!

Tonight, however, is another night altogether.

I turn the lamp on and reach for the Dragonfly CBD oil on my bedside table. I received it today, just in time to save me from the pain of being restless and moody.

Being a product that is now finding its feet in the UK market, CBD oil, or Cannabidiol is currently quite expensive, but I was lucky enough to test its efficacy with insomnia and anxiety.

So, what is this CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is a nothing more than an oil naturally extracted from hemp plants that are bred for the sole purpose of producing nutrition supplements.

As the awareness surrounding the oil increases, the product has caught the attention of people suffering from all sorts of conditions – anxiety, depression and heart diseases are only a few of them.

I have decided to try the DragonflyCBD narrow-spectrum Oil 500mg, a version of this oil produced in a filtered form, with all other Cannabinoids reduced.

For issues that are easier to manage, such as insomnia and stress, Dragonfly recommends to start with 5 drops, then work your way up, if necessary.

Diary of A Sleep Deprived Londoner - How CBD Oil Can Be The Solution Of Many Problems, Starting From Insomnia! Femie Mag

I let 5 drops slide through the glass pipe and under my tongue and wait for a couple of minutes. All I can taste is earth. It’s what I imagine cork would taste like if we were to eat it. It’s a funny taste, but not in a bad way. The earthy flavour stays with you for a while, at least until you drink a glass of water to wash it down.

It’s a comforting taste, something I had never tried before.

I turn the lamp off and lay back down, waiting for it to work. The noises outside my window are still loud but I’ve put all my hopes in those five drops.

Taking this CBD oil got me thinking about my insomnia and how trifling that becomes when compared to the things some people have to go through.

CBD Oil in The Media

It was only last year that a young boy named Billy was denied the use of CBD despite it being the only thing that could help to keep his severe epilepsy under control. Only after a long battle with the Home Office, Billy and his mum were granted the special permission to purchase and keep cannabis oil legally.

The oil extracted from the Cannabis plant is, therefore, a resource that can become of vital importance in many cases. The resource centre for dementia, Dementia Care Central, has confirmed that CBD oil “may offer much-needed relief for the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s”.

Thinking about all the people who could benefit from this product far more than me is the last thing I can remember.

The noises outside the window became mellow, almost distant, as my eyelids got heavier. Thank goodness for CBD oil!

After the successful attempt at using Cannabidiol to get me to sleep, it only seems fair that I try it one more time.

Living – and working – in the city leads to all sorts of stress and anxiety. The life of a recent graduate working as the editor-in-chief of her own magazine is no different.

Femie Magazine Diary of A Sleep Deprived Londoner - How CBD Oil Can Be The Solution Of Many Problems, Starting From Insomnia!

Most of the days are fine, planning and organisation are crucial to staying on top of everything. Other days, however, can be a real nightmare. Those are the days when, no matter how much planning you do, things keep piling up until you reach the breaking point and your brain shuts down. I have been there many times before and the only thing that seems to help restore the system and start again is to stop and take some deep breaths. As simple as this sounds, you learn to keep your stress and anxiety under control over time but could CBD oil be a more straightforward solution to the problem?

Can Cannabidiol Work as a Stress Relief?

In a world that makes it so hard to stop and appreciate the present, most people are finding it hard to switch off for a while and enjoy some well-deserved peace. Smoking a cigarette, drinking a glass of good wine or drawing a nice bubble bath are only a few of the things some people like to do unwind after long week. So could CBD oil become one of these go-to stress relief methods?

After a long day juggling between my day job and planning phone calls and interviews for the magazine I feel overwhelmed and consumed so I decide it’s time to give CBD oil another go.

I take the usual 5 drops and hold it under my tongue for two minutes; give it an hour or so and the cannabidiol is already working its magic.

I'm finally sitting on my sofa, taking a break from another hectic day, and I feel calm like never before. I can only describe it as something that is physically stopping me from worrying about things. It’s a very relaxed feeling, even for an individual that’s always stressing out about what to do next.

Dragonfly CBD oil I has given me a great solution to a problem I didn’t think had an answer other than a chamomile tea and some me-time.

So, while the Home Office is still stuck in a series of legal hairsplitting, Dragonfly CBD has taken the matter into their own hands, producing a range of Cannabidiol that is THC free. This small particular is fundamental because “for CBD oil to be legal in the UK, it must contain no more than 0.2% THC”, as reported in The Week. As researches are still undergoing to figure out whether Cannbidiol can be a substitute option to traditional medicine, you should always seek your GP's help before deciding to start using the product, especially if you suffer from a specific health condition.

I will be up again at 7am sharp tomorrow morning knowing that there are bigger problems that could keep me awake at night, nonetheless we all need a bit of comfort to help us nod off!

Guest Editor Natasha Collins

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