Expression Meets Relaxation to Create Art: One Dish, One Canvas, One Shot

Oct 1, 2019

Health & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

Art. Can everyone understand it? Can everyone create it? Well, most of us would shrug our shoulders at a Pollock or Rothko, thinking the jobs is far too easy to be called ‘art’. But there is a notion, a spec of hope in the deepest pits of the human mind, found in everyone. We are all artists, we are all creators of sorts - and the sad part is that most of us don’t even know it.

Expression Meets Relaxation to Create Art: One Dish, One Canvas, One Shot Femie Magazine

Creating art is an expression that many affirm to belong to The Visual Arts; more narrowly; painting, sculpture and architecture. But what about photography? Dance? Theatre? Surely these three fit into the artsy category, right? Let’s take it further… cooking and plating, makeup work or tattoo procedures, hairdressing and graphic design. Do these classify as ‘art’?

To me, art is an expression of your innermost feelings; the putting together of random thoughts that create a meaningful picture. Having studied the Art History, Philosophy, English Literature and Music; my mind works in a way that accepts art in every form - not only as a means of expression but also as a major stress reliever. Some of the biggest battles in your life can be broken down with a good artistic vent.

Getting in tune with your artistic senses isn’t always easy; you’ll need to create the right setting, equip yourself with the right tools and have a clear goal in mind… right? Most definitely not. Planning out your creative surges is bonkers, the most natural and uninhibited way to create art is to let your imagination run wild and figure things out as you go along.

There will be a little amount of prep that you need to consider of course; maybe rummaging for a pen and paper or possibly making sure you’ve got the ingredients you want to make a Michelin-worthy dish. But sometimes the magic happens when you’re at a supposed dead end… hunting for the next clue, looking for the right move.

Take some time to de-stress; think of an artistic form of expression that will bring you freedom, tranquillity and help to unleash your inner artist. There are no rules, no guidelines, not even a suggested medium; simply step away from the stagnant mundanity of everyday life and dive into an unknown realm where your soul might find true happiness.