Christmas TV: Family Favourites, All-Time Classics and New Releases

Dec 23, 2020

Health & Lifestyle | Lauranne Heres

‘Tis the season to lounge in front of the TV and watch one Christmas movie after another. Between everyone’s favourite classics and new releases, there’s plenty for you out there this year. If you’re too lazy to zap through the channels, I’ve compiled a list for you, so you can choose what suits your mood!


Die Hard: Now, now, I know some people think this has no place on here. But this movie is set at Christmas, there is a Christmas party, Santas, Christmas jumpers, a family reunion, and a jolly song at the end. If that doesn’t fit the premise of a Christmas movie, then what does? Head to Nakatomi Towers for some great action. The second movie is also set during the festive season, so keep going! Available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime, Now TV, Sky, and iTunes.

Serendipity: This movie is severely underappreciated. John Cusack? Kate Beckinsale? New York at Christmas? A killer soundtrack and so many meet-cutes it hurts your face to smile so much? People that are in the know rate this extremely high on their list of must-see movies every year. Available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime, Rakuten TV, Sky and iTunes.

The Family Stone: The amazing cast celebrate 15 years since the release and recently discussed the making of the movie for Entertainment Weekly. But don’t go reading the article before having seen the movie as it’s full of spoilers. The story is simple: the successful son of the family brings home his girlfriend to introduce her to his parents. However, his family are not taken by Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) and this throws a dampener on the festivities. Available on Amazon Prime, Now TV, Rakuten, Sky and iTunes.

Love Actually: I shouldn’t have to introduce this movie to anyone, if you haven’t seen it yet, where on Earth have you been living for the past two decades? The movie spawned a bunch of carbon-copies trying to bank on the style of the plot with different stories intersecting. All your favourite British stars are in this, and people are still debating whether Andrew Lincoln’s character is creepy or cute. Available on Amazon Prime, Now TV, Rakuten TV, Sky and iTunes.

Home Alone: This movie wouldn’t work nowadays, at all. But back when we were kids, this story kept us up at night, and we all worried about Wet Bandit wannabees trying to break into our house when our parents left us alone for half an hour. We also all wanted to be Kevin, able to outsmart his nemeses with booby traps littering the house. Available on Amazon Prime, Disney+, Rakuten TV, Sky and iTunes.

Elf: Buddy (Will Farrell) is a human who hitched a ride with Santa many years ago and ended up being raised by the elves. When his adoptive father tells him that his real father lives in New York, Buddy decides to leave the North Pole and see his family. But when Santa’s workshop is all you’ve know your entire life, adjusting to the Big Apple can be a little tricky. With the help of his half-brother and his new colleague Jovie (Zooey Deschanel), Buddy will learn to navigate the big city.


Godmothered: Eleanor (Jillian Bell) is a trainee Fairy Godmother in The Motherland. However, since people stopped believing in happy ever afters, there really is no need for any more help and the school must close. Desperate to live up to her potential and follow her dreams, Eleanor finds an old letter asking for help and decides to go to Boston to find Mackenzie (Isla Fisher) and sort out her life. There’s plenty of funny moments and Santiago Cabrera (The Musketeers) plays Mackenzie’s hot colleague that may or may not be her prince charming. Fans of Enchanted will love this feel-good comedy. Available on Disney+

Jingle Jangle: Forest Whitaker stars as toymaker Jeronicus Jangle. His creations are amazing, but when his apprentice (Keegan-Michael Key) steals his best creation, it’s up to his granddaughter (Madalen Mills) to get him back to work and reawaken the magic. The movie features amazing musical numbers and has enchanted kids and adults alike since its release. Available on Netflix.

Happiest Season: Hailed as the first queer Christmas movie, the story follows Abby (Kristen Stewart) and girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) as they decide to visit Harper’s family for the holidays. But while Abby is planning to propose in front of everyone, things change when she finds out that Harper hasn’t told her family that she’s gay and in a long-term relationship. Available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime.

Over Christmas: This is not a movie, but a 4-episode TV series made in Germany. Bastian is a struggling musician in Berlin who was dumped by his girlfriend after last Christmas. When he comes home for this year’s festivities only to find out that Fine is now dating his younger brother Niklas, he loses control and decides to drown his sorrows at the local bar with a few old friends, with unexpected circumstances… Available on Netflix.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again: For fans of the first movie, this is your opportunity to go back to Montenaro. As Duchess Margaret is set to inherit the throne, Stacy must come and help calm her down before the coronation. But Stacy also wants to help Kevin win back Margaret’s heart. Unfortunately, a third lookalike appears on the scene in the form of Fiona, a rich cousin of the duchess who will sew discord and cause mayhem. Available on Netlifx.

Noelle: When Santa decides to retire, it’s up to his son Nick (Bill Hader) to pick up the reigns. However, Nick is not sure he wants to continue the family business, and when his sister Noelle (Anna Kendrick) suggests he take the weekend off, he decides to disappear. Now Noelle must organise a rescue mission to save Christmas and bring Santa back in time. Available on Disney +

Of course, there are many more movies available for you to watch, so make sure to check out the suggestions provided by the platforms once you’ve enjoyed a movie from the above list!