Capsule Wardrobes Are Finally Taking The World By Storm: But Is Less More?

Jun 3, 2019

Beauty & Fashion | Daniela Pisciottano

You have probably heard of a Capsule wardrobe before but what is it exactly?

Historically, the term capsule wardrobe dates back to the 70s, when Susie Faux used the term “capsule” to refer to a handful of timeless pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Despite it being a concept out of fashion (no pun intended!) for a few decades, now more than ever people are starting to go towards a “less is more” approach to fashion.

The many campaigns aimed to change consumers’ behaviours are starting to pay back as people are moving towards slow living, focusing less on quantity and more on quality.

And that’s the idea behind a capsule wardrobe; spending more for a few quality pieces that should last you for a very long time.

Fast fashion took the world by storm in the 90s and consumers soon got used to buying more items of a lower quality at cheaper prices rather than spending more on a few investment pieces. But capsule collections are finally making a return and to celebrate it we have put together a list of the garments everyone should have!

Start your capsule wardrobe from the accessories and then work your way around it from there. Bags, in particular, work perfectly to make an outfit go from day to night and, although a capsule collection is meant to be minimalist, you should keep your options open with two different types of bags. A folded leather bag, for instance, is a classic choice, perfect to take to work or for a dinner date. If, however, you’re only running errands, going shopping or stopping by your local coffee shop, you might consider keeping a tote bag. Roomy and on trend, tote bags are the perfect accessory to give a casual touch to any look!

Once you’ve chosen the best accessories for your capsule wardrobe, you can start thinking about which clothes to keep and which ones to let go of. We know this step is a difficult one but if you set your mind to it, you can do it!

Starting from tops and t-shirts, make sure to keep one style for every occasion; this, of course is highly dependent on the job you have as well. Someone who works in a formal environment, such as an office, will have to keep a shirt for meetings, a blouse for less official occasions and a few tops to wear on a day-to-day basis. A good trick to make the most out of your capsule wardrobe is to wear a blazer to make your most casual tops look more elegant and work-appropriate. If, on the other hand, your job allows you to be more flexible and relaxed with what to wear, the rule of thumb is to keep a couple of t-shirts for every day and a blouse or shirt for special occasions.

While it will be hard to get used to wearing the same tops in rotation, a coat is something you won’t feel the need to change so often; choose one you really love and stick to it. That will not only save you a lot of space, but also a lot of thinking before going out in the morning!

Many go for a classic leather jacket or an evergreen wrap coat so the choice is yours, our only advice would be to go for a season-less coat, something that won’t go out of trend too soon, like the grey wrap coat below.

Finally, pick a selection of your best bottoms and get rid of the rest. A pair of jeans for casual occasions, some elegant trousers for the office (or for an evening out if you prefer) and a midi skirt to wear to work or on a day out.

Choosing high-quality garments will make you feel more confident, improving the way you look and saving you a lot of thinking when it comes to “what should I wear today”.

Also, beware of patterns and prints that are currently on trend as these might be out of vogue next season. Going for monochromatic garments is usually the safest option but if you’re a lover of prints and you know you won’t get tired of it too easily, go for it!

So, to answer our question "is less more?", many think that a capsule wardrobe means limiting their option to two or three garments but that's not the case. Getting rid of some of the clothes you know you will never wear is somewhat therapeutic, not to mention the help you will give the planet if you stop buying new clothes every week and start wearing the ones you already have in a more conscious way.

Less truly is more and a few good clothes are better than too many or none at all!