Bring it To The Runway: Herstory's 10 Most Inspirational Fashion Icons

Feb 19, 2020

Beauty & Fashion | Kristina Cassar Dowling

Fashion, much like history, repeats itself and for the most part its effect on modern culture is rather positive (unlike history most times).

It’s funny that cringe items in our teenage closet come back into fashion when we least expect it. It’s quite annoying to think that 70% of your ‘fashion’ from your younger days could serve as ‘vintage’ staples in your current wardrobe.

There are some items from Herstory that never raised an eyebrow in discontent. There are quite a few iconic pieces laid upon the world by trendsetters, designers and socialites of days gone. Here are a few women who we can today consider fashion icons and pay respect to their creations with modern fashion.

The Little Black Dress

CCC. Classic Coco Chanel. The little black dress is as iconic today as it was in the Roaring ‘20s. This above-the-knee staple is meant to have a loose structure and low-ish waistline; three strangely daring statements for the 1920s. The LBD changed its agenda from a mourning outfit to a sultry staple often seen on the likes of Audrey Hepburn.

The Mini Skirt

Wow! If you think about the revolution of the mini skirt, you will be pretty stunned to say the least - wearing a mini skirt today is sometimes thought of as a ‘negative’ choice of clothing; but can you imagine the shock, horror and disbelief in the 1960s? Well we’ve got the gutsy Mary Quant to thank for this iconic creation and her portrayal of the statement through Twiggy’s modelling extraordinaire.

Power Suits

Now she might not be the designer in question here but, by George, we’ve got to give this woman some credit. Jazz hands at the ready, it’s Liza everybody! Liza Minelli, the goddess of power suits, the stunner who dominated a room with her humour, her charisma and her pant-suit.


When you think of diamonds, there’s two possibilities that will pop into your brain and it’s quite a close call. It’s either the fabulous Marylin Monroe with her rendition of Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend or possibly Elizabeth Taylor’s fearless fashion sense. Glitz and glam are a plenty here and diamonds will forever be the obvious choice.

Costume Couture

Although costume couture might not directly influence ‘our’ fashion, and by ‘our’ I mean the regular Jane, it does influence the media, the creative artists we’ve seen arise in the music scene, drag culture and overall pop diva look. Although many might try to claim this innovation, this pioneering display of creativity; the award, for this time, goes to Madonna. We’ve forever in your debt.

So thank you ladies, thank you for your daring creations, expressions and might we say, ballsy behaviour, you’ve made our fashion a touch more glamorous.