Big Box Laundry Powder Is so Last Season – Check Out The Hottest Laundry Showstopper: the Ecoegg

Nov 13, 2019

Health & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

If you have to list the awful errands of the day or week, I’m sure laundry is right up there, just after ‘change the cat litter’ and ‘clean the gutters’. Doing laundry sucks, it’s never exciting – unless the classic red sock slips into the white load – it doesn’t smell that great at the start and the end result is just … meh.

But that’s not the worst of it… the torment starts off at the supermarket, when you have to lug those 5kg cardboard boxes from the store shelf, to the car, up the stairs to the house and to the washing machine. Not a fun job.

I hated this chore, I thought it was a boring and time consuming effort that forced me to buy chemicals and basically pour them down the drain; well that was until I discovered the Ecoegg.

The ecoegg Laundry egg is an environmentally and economically friendly solution to washing your clothes. It’s rather small and comes in a variety of scents that can be boosted with essential oils. The body is made of a hard plastic that can be reused an insane amount of times while the inside is hollow, making room for the washing pellets in the egg.

The washing pellets come in two colours the black little balls that act as water softness to help keep your clothes looking good and the white little balls that carry the detergent and fragrant aromas to help clean your clothes and keep them smelling fresh. The ecoegg contains zero harsh chemicals, keeping the product friendly to your skin and the environment.

These are the things I learned from using the ecoegg; but in a nutshell: regular laundry soap sucks!

Did you know that the ‘fragrance’ added to our regular laundry detergent is not only used to give our clothes that ‘lavender field’ smell; it also masks the foul smells left in our washing machine drains - so we won’t smell like drains. The stink is caused by none other than the laundry detergents themselves, the chemical residue they leave behind after ‘cleaning’ and ‘softening’ our clothes, adds up to form a stinky muck. The ecoegg body can be used for 10 years - that means you’ll go 10 years without having to buy laundry detergent. You will, of course, need to buy refill pellets, I bought my ecoegg last year and I’ve only just changed the pellets now!

Plastic is a thing of the past folks, no need to purchase bottles of unwanted softener, detergents or other single-use packaging materials.

In and even smaller nutshell… Ecoegg, you changed my life!