Attitude Gratitude! 7 Awesome Tips to Find Your Inner Zen

Mar 23, 2020

Health & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

In a world that is often shadowed by the downs in life, finding ways to keep positive, look on the ‘bright side’ and crack a smile every now and then is far from an easy task in the day’s routine. Our mental health is one of the most valuable contributors to a healthy and happy life; whether you believe it’s all about mindset or not, finding ways to make the day a little bit lighter will probably do the lot of us some ounce of good.

Current news might have stuck you in a bit of a rut, breaking your routine and leaving you a little lost; here are a few tips you can adopt to keep the sun rays beaming:

Find something good about the day

Identifying your roses and thorns in the day can help you face the realities of your life a lot faster. Even if your thorn (the negative) overpowers the rose (the positive), there’s still something positive to hang onto - even if it was only a really good bagel at lunch.

Find a moment to be in nature

Breathing and exercising in nature can help to decrease anxiety and negative thinking, so making an effort to slap on those hiking shoes might help you out; at least a little. Remember to take deep breaths in and appreciate your surroundings.

Find a mantra that means something

Mindfulness might not be everybody’s thing, it might not be cool for you to sit and repeat gibberish over and over again… but there’s no harm in trying. Your mantra can be as simple as “I am good enough” to RPDR Season 5 winner, Jinkx Monsoon’s “Water off a duck’s back”. Either work; just make it your own.

Find time to meditate and escape

Meditation is one of those things that will never quite make sense to some people; there are a few techniques that you’ll need to accept; like sitting in silence, as still as possible and allowing yourself to breathe. The first few tries are odd; but it will quickly become your favourite part of the day.

Find positive people to fill your life

There’s a new ‘attitude’ that I adopted in my life a year or so ago… that I simply do not have time for people I don’t enjoy anymore. It’s not a mean thing, it’s not even slightly cruel, it’s a fact. We should fill our lives with people who make us smile; and make us laugh and reminisce and think! You might need to cut a few folks out - but be ready for the chance that you might be cut out too. And that’s also fine!

Find a furry friend and make it your own

Floofy friends are always the greatest - they know exactly how you’re feeling even though you never actually tell them. Playtime with your puppy or a cuddle session with your cat can give your day some form of affection - make it your therapy.

Find the right tune for your day

Music can help lift the spirits; remember to give yourself time to escape into music and feel as though you’re the only person in the room. Music frees the soul and you’re so encouraged to crank up the volume and jam sometimes - just remember to respect those around you.

Every day is a new day. Step by step… you’ll get there; no mountain is too big to climb. You’ve got you!