A Non-Guide to Winter's Lipstick Shades: Enough With Following Trends, Just Do What You Like!

Oct 26, 2019

Beauty & Fashion | Sarah Cottis

In case you didn't notice, the weather is getting pretty cold and it’s happening pretty fast.

Season changes often have a huge impact on the fashion and beauty industries but how does that reflect on the choices we make?

Every Winter the industry gives us a list of trends and top picks to follow but what if, for once, you were the once choosing your own top trends for the season?

To help you, we have put together a non-guide to all the lipstick shades that go well with colours commonly associated with the cold season - from warming browns to majestic purples!

Matte purple

Ever since Kylie Jenner launched her lip kits in 2015 nothing has been the same. The self-made billionaire, as appointed by Forbes earlier this year, has brought matte lipsticks back in trend and we’re here for it!

Unlike glossy lipsticks, a matte finish will give you a more sophisticated, mature look – if you like. The options are endless; whether you like a bright salmon shade or a more austere purple like the one below, matte lipsticks have been in trend for a while now and we don’t see them going out of fashion any time soon.

Brown lipstick

There’s not much to add; wearing brown lipstick is a statement in itself.

This 90’s trend is a celebrity favourite and if we had to pick a godmother for it, we would definitely choose Chrissy Teigen. The supermodel, TV presenter, cookbook author, mother of two children and a few dogs, and wife of John Legend looks stunning in brown. So find a good brown lipstick shade you like and wear it with confidence.

Tangerine lipstick

Remember those makeup palettes that used to come with teen magazines? The ones where to closest shade you could get to red lipstick was a weird tangerine and, even though you knew it wasn’t the same as your mum’s rouge lipstick, you still felt pretty cool wearing it. Well, find your palette and give that tangerine a go!

Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, Tessa Thompson and Zooey Deschanel are just a few of the A-listers who have given tangerine lipstick a go and, if we’re being totally honest, they all looked incredible in it! This is to prove that, yes, your skin tone is important when choosing a new lipstick shade but the diversity of the beautiful women we just listed should prove that there are no rules, just wear what you like!

Bare lipstick

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown has recently launched her own makeup line and let us tell you about it! Also available on NET-A-PORTER, Brown’s line is a mixture of simple yet elegant looks and we’re in love with the variety of bare lipstick shades available. Ideal for a subtle day look when you want to feel effortlessly glam, this shade is perfect for a young, fresh look.

If you decide to shop Brown’s makeup line you will also support a great cause. As revealed on Elle magazine, in fact, the actress, now entrepreneur, will donate part of the proceedings to the Olivia Hope Foundation, founded in honour of her late friend Olivia Hope LoRusso.