5 Daily Habits For a Happier Life, a Happier You

Jan 28, 2020

Interviews & Inspiration | Jessica Fryer

I recently decided to quit my job of 7 years working as a Flight Attendant for an airline in the Middle East. I think some people thought I was a little crazy leaving without a job, or many savings. Nope, there I was leaving with just a passport filled with stamps, enough stories to write a book, oh, and 300kg of cargo filled with clothes. Oops.

I headed in to the unknown rather confidently, albeit a little nervous of what was to come. However, once I was back on home soil, having one good day followed by five terrible ones seemed to become the normal week, where I constantly terrorised my mind with thoughts of 'What have I done?'. I gave up something so easy, a lifestyle so comfortable and well, so lavish! For what? To live like this – a head full of regret and worry for the future? I doubted myself. I was putting unnecessary strain on my relationship and I could see myself descending into a state of despair

It was at this point I decided to practise a few daily habits to improve my mood. My time throughout this current period of 'uncertainty' (a fancy word for- unemployed) has enlightened me beyond any job, or experience could have done. By choosing to rediscover myself, my passions, read and then read some more, eat clean, swap the TV for enriching Podcasts about life, exercise, and nurture my mind, body and soul- I completely changed the way in which I thought about everything, my situation, and especially myself.

Unemployed or not, whatever your situation, these 5 daily habits are fundamental in leading a happier life. Scientifically proven.

Practice Daily Gratitude

By stating daily what you are grateful for, either writing it down, voicing out loud or thinking it silently, it can lead to a much happier you. There are countless scientific studies and research to back this up. The two correlate – go hand in hand like the perfect partnership; gratitude and happiness. It seems easy doesn't it, I mean who doesn't appreciate a roof over their head, food to eat and the fact you are alive today. Newsflash – most people don't.

It is extremely hard to practise being grateful when you encounter life's mishaps and unfortunate events. It can be tough. I know, I have been there. But this is a habit even the scientists can back us up on. It works.

It can take 5 minutes or 5 seconds, and gratitude can relate to anything. For example, I was so grateful to have a hot shower today! Not mind blowing. But I was thankful.

Listen to Positivity Podcasts

I used to stream shows on Netflix when I was getting ready for the day. That or reality TV shows. Not that there is anything wrong with doing this, but I wasn't exactly learning anything from them. If anything, they were offering me yet another escape from having to confront any lessons I needed to learn about myself.

I began to research podcasts about mindfulness, 'Law of Attraction', manifestation and podcasts that were about connecting to the soul in order to live a healthier, happier life! My favourite is Soul Chat with Oprah Winfrey in which she conducts interviews and discussions with many leading Life Coaches and Spiritual Teachers of our time like Eckhart Tolle. By listening to these kinds of podcasts when I am getting ready for the day, I have noticed a considerable increase in my state of happiness and productivity. With an 'I can, and I will' attitude.

Eat Clean

Of course, binge eating chocolate, takeaways and sugary sweets does not equate to a happier you in the long term. I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate the short-term happiness scoffing a cream egg provides me. And when my mum 'accidentally' makes me a cup of tea with ten sugars, I am secretly very grateful, but it is not a recipe to sustain a happy wellbeing in general.

Eating a healthy breakfast whilst listening to my podcasts, affirming my gratitude for the little things made me notice how each daily practise complimented the other. Consuming healthy and fresh produce instantly enhanced my mood; I felt I could think more clearly, be more productive and yes, I generally felt an overall happier me.

Manifest Your Dreams

By writing down exactly what it is you want to achieve, your goals, your dream job, dream life, dream partner- dream house, you are by default affirming what it is you really want [which is half the problem] and one step closer to attainting that reality. I have kept a journal daily and have been noting down what my dream day looks like. What I eat, in my dream day. What I wear, in my dream day. How much money I am earning, and what I am going to put it towards...'in my dream day'. Yes, manifesting means visualising every inch of your 'dream life' and without even realising, you begin to take the necessary steps daily, in order to reach what exactly it is that you desire. There are many books, articles and research studies on the Power of the Law of Attraction and its benefits on leading a happier life. My favourite being the Law of Attraction Bible, 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne.

Keep a Journal

When you write things down, such as to do lists, you feel some sort of accomplishment when you tick each item off. The same goes for keeping a journal. You will find that everybody has their own lives, own problems, and own on goings that you may or may not know about. By keeping a journal of your thoughts, you are releasing any hold they may have on you and by writing them down you are instantly improving your mood by helping to tackle any stress related problems, worries or concerns you may have. I journal daily and I find it a release to write how I feel down. Often, I re read my thoughts back and feel completely different just a few hours later. Our thoughts are temporary, especially the bad ones!

I have currently trialled these 5 daily habits and I have found a significant increase in my mood, wellbeing and happiness levels.

For some, perhaps you already incorporate these habits into your daily life anyway, but for others who struggle to find peace within, practise these for a for a happier life and a much happier you!