3 Top Tips to Prance Into Spring With Eco Swords A-blazin’!

Mar 3, 2020

Health & Lifestyle | Kristina Cassar Dowling

Skipping into spring with a gleam of happiness on your face is the general approach most of us adopt once the rain clouds begin to disappear. Spring brightens the mood - and it also lightens the mood; ridding our psyche’s from the foul winter blues that we can never seem to shake off. So it’s clear to say that spring makes us, well, happier.

My favourite thing about spring is picnic-life; I’m a sucker for a get together with friends or family; soaking up the rays and getting a good dose of Vitamin D! Sun’s out; guns out - and we island folk here in Malta know exactly how to make the most of the sunshine. Big cities like London may not see the same intensity of sun hit their skin at noon everyday but there are great ways to make the most of the warmer weather just the same.

But, I guess, all that extra going out will increase our carbon footprint.... right? Well, not necessarily. Here are a few ways to enjoy the bounty of spring and keep the planet happy too.

Picnic packing

A total zero waste picnic is easily achieved with the right planning and choices to set you on your path. The perfect picnic starts with location; think of the obvious Hyde Park or St James Park or choose a slightly obscure destination such as Camden Lock or Trafalgar Square - just because there’s no actual grass around you doesn’t mean you can’t set up a nifty picnic.

The next important thing is the food; think of it in three steps:

1. Reusable containers to pack your snacks - no need for nasty plastics covering your food; so there’ll be nothing to throw away when you’re done picnicking.

2. Portion control ensures you don’t waste too much food (ideally nothing at all) - every picnic needs that extra slice of quiche, just in case so make sure you stick an ice-pack in your bag to keep everything fresh.

3. No trail left behind; sure you’ve not got any single use plastic attached to your picnic feast; but did your dog dig up something from the trash? Did he poo in the picnic area? Did your kids dismantle a toy and leave stuff behind them? Just give your area a good look-over before you head home.

Thrift tests

This is a fun one. We all love a good shopping spree, but at what cost? We’re not only referring to the cost of the actual clothing, but the impact your spanking new wardrobe left on the planet (and the underpaid crafters of your gorgeous new dress). The fact is that we need clothes, we need to get dressed after our morning shower and we need to keep our clothes looking good. But the massive demand for an updated wardrobe can be solved by clothes swaps where like-minded folks exchange clothes in good or good enough condition for a quick wardrobe update. Try this out - so easy and fun!

There’s always a thrift shop, vintage store or charity shop you can rummage in before you hit the high street.

Vegan volume

Veganuary is a great initiative that encourages people to give veganism a shot. Spring is an even better time to test out a vegan lifestyle for you and your family; simply because the produce is much more vibrant. It’s hard to commit to fruit when the choices are a trifle bland - it’s so much easier when the strawberries, cherries and peaches are at their best!

This challenge also gets more exciting as you delve deeper into the warmer months and discover that the clean, light eating of veganism really helps your energy levels and elevates your mood. Give it a shot; it's a simple eco change to put a spring in your step.

Spring is the time for new beginnings - use this season to add some additional eco practices into your routine and lifestyle. We’re sure you won’t regret it.