3 Amazing and Simple Nail-Art Design to Try While Self-Isolating

Mar 27, 2020

Beauty & Fashion | Alessia di Cunto

Time seems to have stopped since the start of our self-isolation so, to help you protect your sanity by keeping busy, I have put together three useful and funny tips for some nail-art designs you will love!

Studies show that when we meet someone – especially for the first time in our life – we look straight down to their hands. Have you ever noticed? Well, I did… and since then, I try my best to keep my hands and nails look as flawless as possible.

There are countless nail-art designs in this world – so much so that we could try different ones over and over again for years – so I have put together three big tips to show you that all you need is just your imagination and a colourful range of nail polishes!

Dots for Days!

Start by choosing a base colour – I suggest white or nude. Grab a dotting tool (if you don’t have one an old pen will do the trick just fine!) and you’re ready to start working on your design!

Wait for your base to dry, then let some colourful drops of nail polish fall into a plastic plate or a piece of paper and start creating your design with a dotter like the Double-end Drill Point Dotter or the tip of your pen!

Make sure you paint your nails with a bit of imagination and don’t be afraid - you can use nail polish remover to start again if don’t like the result. It’ll take only 5 minutes.

Crazy or fool?

For this nail art design, you just have to let your inner monster come out!

We start the process just like for the previous design, by putting on a simple base colour. There is only one difference… you can choose the colour that inspires you the most. Pour some of your favourite colour in a small container and grab a fan brush like the Rhinestone Handle Fan Shape Nail Brush. So, how to achieve a crazy effect? Simple: just scrub your brush on your nail as much as you like and constantly change the colour. You can go from blue to green, from pink to black – just have fun!

Of course, things will get a little messy, but you can quickly clean it up by using a Nail Polish Corrector Pen.

Shades of the Sea

This one is my absolute favourite! I tried changing the colours over and over but I I always end up using different shades of blue. I like to imagine a seaside scenery; some waves, bright sea colours, and a beautiful skyline. But if you prefer warmer colours, why not taking inspiration from a sunset? You could try using colours like yellow, orange and red to recreate the warmth of a sunset.

Let’s start then! You will need 3 nail polishes, a Nail Art Sponge Pen and lots of patience.

Begin by painting your nails with the lightest colour (in my case light blue) and let it dry perfectly.

Now use your sponge pen to gently tap different hues on your nails.

If you don't have a sponge pen you can use common Make Up Wedges; draw three straight lines with your three colours in order (in my case light blue, tiffany, blue) and gently tap the sponge on your nails, moving softly from side to side.

Wait for your nails to be completely dry and use a layer of Top Coat to finish off your creation!

These are my top three nail-art designs to try out while you're stuck at home self-isolating. Feel free to experiment and don’t forget to have fun and be creative!