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Femie (φημί, Greek for speak) is the new online magazine for dynamic, resourceful and glamorous women!

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‘Fast and Easy’ isn’t always the answer when it comes to success. The internet era, however, has created a platform that gives everyone a level of visibility that was never imagined before.

Social media has brought this amplified visibility to a higher level, giving a shot to notoriety to more people than ever.

This January saw London’s most sickening convention take place at the Olympia Kensington.


Yes, henny, we’re talking about RuPaul’s DragCon UK; the three-day event that gathered the masses for live performances by some of the most fabulous UK and US drag superstars


“There are certain rules, elements of design that you need to take into account that makes a better painting that I learnt at Varsity, but you have to be willing to break the rules and to know why you want to break the rules".

Leonie E. Brown, Painter

"We are intersectional feminists, fighting against strict dynamics and patriarchal society, with the ultimate goal of levelling gender disparities".

Women of Brixton, Organisation

"When you purchase something you support whatever has gone into that garment / product. If it was made by someone who got paid peanuts, in a horrible environment and polluted the planet in its process, by buying that you say you are ok with it - in fact, you say great let's do more of this".

Sophie Dunster, Fashion Designer

The daily commute… ahh, not entirely the greatest part of the day - you’re pretty much bound to an hour or so of traffic that doesn’t really ease up too eagerly.

So many hours of our lives are spent in traffic, so learning how to make the most of this time is a pretty reasonable investment in your sanity.

BEST OF 2019

Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur Javacia Harris Bowser From See Jane Write

We interviewed freelance

writer, entrepreneur, public speaker and founder of See Jane Write, Javacia Harris Bowser about the simple rules of empowerment and how you can take your future into your own hands!

We Interviewed LaNette Kincaide,

Founder of The Non-Profit Organisation Women With Gifts

Femie Magazine had a chat with public speaker, founder of  the non-profit organisation Women With Gifts LaNette Kincaide, who told us more about the crucial role helping others has played in her life and how we can contribute to help women through her non-profit organisation!

We Interviewed Italian Fashion Designer and Writer Marella Campagna

Since the publication of her first book "From Blank Canvas to Garment", fashion designer Marella Campagna hasn't stopped a second!

In an exclusive interview for Femie Magazine she tells us all about being an Italian nostalgic who can finally embrace her past, her memories, her present and her future in London.