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Femie (φημί, Greek for speak) is the new online magazine for dynamic, resourceful and glamorous women!

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This is Wanderlust, your new monthly column to regale you with all things travel! I’m not only going to tell you about my holidays (to be honest that would probably annoy you after a while), but I’m going to give you great tips about booking your own getaways, the coolest cities, the best walking tours, the nicest foods to try when you’re there…

While the likes of Whitney Huston, Etta James, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Cher and Beyoncé all left their mark on the history of music, there are a number of inspirational combos that make everything fall into place - the music is just phenomenal and their presence is enlightening.


“There are certain rules, elements of design that you need to take into account that makes a better painting that I learnt at Varsity, but you have to be willing to break the rules and to know why you want to break the rules".

Leonie E. Brown, Painter

"We are intersectional feminists, fighting against strict dynamics and patriarchal society, with the ultimate goal of levelling gender disparities".

Women of Brixton, Organisation

"When you purchase something you support whatever has gone into that garment / product. If it was made by someone who got paid peanuts, in a horrible environment and polluted the planet in its process, by buying that you say you are ok with it - in fact, you say great let's do more of this".

Sophie Dunster, Fashion Designer

Femie Magazine interviews photographer and LCF student Eloïse Atkins, who tells us all about her beautiful snaps; from her creative process to her Radical Beauty project, featured on PhotoVogue.

BEST OF 2019


Making Your Commute Better One Book At a Time… Or Is It a Music Playlist?

The daily commute… ahh, not entirely the greatest part of the day - you’re pretty much bound to an hour or so of traffic that doesn’t really ease up too eagerly. So many hours of our lives are spent in traffic, so learning how to make the most of this time is a pretty reasonable investment in your sanity.

Femie Interviews CEO and Entrepreneur Anu Obe From The Hair Extension Brand 'To All My Black Girls'

Femie Magazine interviews Anu Obe, founder and CEO of the hair extension company To All My Black Girls. The entrepreneur tells our readers everything about her brand and the importance she attributes to representation in the media for young black women.

West Syndrome, or Infantile Seizures: Seren's Journey To Becoming Medication-Free

Cat Wederell is a Nursery Practitioner and has been married to husband Mike since 2013. After trying to conceive for six years, they finally fell pregnant in early 2016 and after an uneventful pregnancy, Cat gave birth to little Seren in October via emergency C-section as she was two weeks overdue.

Get Extra Cash and Make Room in Your Home: The Joys of Decluttering!

Have you ever stared at your bank balance and ever wondered where on Earth your cash went? Didn’t you literary just get paid a week ago? Between rent, food, student loans and credit card repayments, suddenly your income just shrunk to a tiny sliver you are meant to use to go out and, you know, have fun with.

We Interviewed The Founders of London-Based Group "Women of Brixton"

For our latest interview we have had the chance to talk to the three friends behind Women of Brixton, a community for women based in the heart of London.

The founders – Marella, Benedetta and Elisa – tell Femie Magazine more about their organisation, the role feminism plays in modern society and how important it is for men to participate in the conversation.

5 Daily Habits For a Happier Life, a Happier You

I recently decided to quit my job of 7 years working as a Flight Attendant for an airline in the Middle East. I think some people thought I was a little crazy leaving without a job, or many savings. Nope, there I was leaving with just a passport filled with stamps, enough stories to write a book, oh, and 300kg of cargo filled with clothes. Oops.

We Interviewed Painter Leonie Edna Brown – Little Girl With a Brave Heart

Femie Magazine's very own Shankar Puri was recently in Cape Town to interview artist Leonie Edna Brown, who talked to him about art, religion, love and the everlasting trauma of a difficult childhood.

Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur Javacia Harris Bowser From See Jane Write

We interviewed freelance

writer, entrepreneur, public speaker and founder of See Jane Write, Javacia Harris Bowser about the simple rules of empowerment and how you can take your future into your own hands!

We Interviewed Lauren Jumrukovski, Author of The Book "They Say – Not Your Average Parenting Book"

Lauren Jumrukovski, author of They Say: Not Your Average Parenting Book, tells the readers of Femie Magazine everything about the constant struggle between doing what they say and what you think is best and the reasons why she chose to write this unconventional parenting book!

We Interviewed LaNette Kincaide,

Founder of The Non-Profit Organisation Women With Gifts

Femie Magazine had a chat with public speaker, founder of  the non-profit organisation Women With Gifts LaNette Kincaide, who told us more about the crucial role helping others has played in her life and how we can contribute to help women through her non-profit organisation!

We Interviewed Italian Fashion Designer and Writer Marella Campagna

Since the publication of her first book "From Blank Canvas to Garment", fashion designer Marella Campagna hasn't stopped a second!

In an exclusive interview for Femie Magazine she tells us all about being an Italian nostalgic who can finally embrace her past, her memories, her present and her future in London.