In this month’s Wanderlust, we talk to a group of people who have travelled during the

pandemic. They have the answers to your most pressing questions about going away during tough times.


Meet Jean-Michel, a retired journalist from London, Florimond, a student from Leiden, the Netherlands and Emilie, a teacher from Arequipa, Peru. 

Image by Sandy Millar

For this week's instalment of Femie Interviews, our editor-in-chief had a chat with the lovely Daniel Cooke, drag promoter and the brains behind The Drag Bible.

"growing up and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race as you do, it’s become more popular and huge each year and we was all thankful in the UK for the show to come to our television screens and RuPaul managed to create a Drag Race UK which meant a big deal to the fans and many drag artists of the UK & Ireland."


“There are certain rules, elements of design that you need to take into account that makes a better painting that I learnt at Varsity, but you have to be willing to break the rules and to know why you want to break the rules".

Leonie E. Brown, Painter

"We are intersectional feminists, fighting against strict dynamics and patriarchal society, with the ultimate goal of levelling gender disparities".

Women of Brixton, Organisation

"When you purchase something you support whatever has gone into that garment / product. If it was made by someone who got paid peanuts, in a horrible environment and polluted the planet in its process, by buying that you say you are ok with it - in fact, you say great let's do more of this".

Sophie Dunster, Fashion Designer

Image by Annie Spratt

We interviewed eco stylist and sustainable jewellery-maker Kimberley Skye for our latest instalment of Femie Interviews. The founder of the jewellery brand Shopportunity tells us all about her creative process, the art of up-cycled jewellery making and the importance of sustainability.

BEST OF 2019

Image by Annie Spratt

Wanderlust: A Place to Call Home



Wanderlust: One Last Trip With Femie Magazine 

This is it folks, my last Wanderlust. It’s a shame that throughout the year I was lucky enough to write this column, I was only able to travel once. Sigh. Thankfully, I had 4 years of extensive globetrotting behind me to provide you with some exotic locations to dream about while you moved from Couchdonia to restaurant “La cuisine” before finishing the night at Club BED. 


Up-and-Coming Model KÏA on Her Beginnings and Mentoring Dreams 

This week, we interviewed Floridian model KÏA, who told us all about her debut in the fashion industry and what (she hopes) the future holds! The goal is to expand globally, but to achieve the philanthropic mission by helping children and families in need. Buur is a word in Wolof that means “Royalty”. The brand's goal is to bring unique clothing items to make anyone who wears it feel like royalty.


Corona Diaries: The Pandemic From a Student's Point of View 

Our very own Lauranne Heres is back at it with an all new instalment of her Corona-Diaries!


 This month we’re talking to a couple of students who are letting us know what it’s been like for them since the beginning of the pandemic.

"I was on a gap year when the pandemic struck. As a result, my studies weren't at all affected, only my plans to travel were.


Body-Positive Influencer Lauren Edge on Finding Happiness and True Self-Confidence 

We interviewed Instagram influencer Lauren Edge to ask her about her path to happiness and how finding the confidence in herself helped her become a stronger woman and mother.

Body-positivity is finally becoming the new normal on social media, however many women are still not comfortable enough to ditch the filters and show off their gorgeous selves.


Three Ways To Make People Notice Your Business 

One of the most important things you will need to do is to attract customers to your business; without customers, you won’t have a business, so in order to be successful and make any kind of profit, ensuring people buy from you is crucial.

This might seem rather like an uphill battle with the amount of competition you have around you, but it’s not impossible.

Putting in some hard work at the start will ensure that you stand out to the end.


Take a Break From What You Are Doing: How To Find The Balance in Life 

When you own a business or just really love what you do, you probably find yourself working all the time – I know I do at times… I just get carried away. However, it is important to have a Work & Life Balance and have passions outside of work. It’s not only healthy but also essential to spend time doing other things that you’re passionate about; things that make you smile, feel alive and bring you happiness.

Femie Mag Second Issue of Planet Dog Pet

Second Issue of Planet Dog: Pet Rescuers 

Priya Sen runs Oochie Coochie Pooches Dog Walking Services since 2006. She has also been rescuing and fostering dogs from Romania, where over 600, 000 dogs live on the streets. Most of them die on the streets, starving and freezing; others are killed by dogcatchers or brought to overflowing shelters where there isn’t enough food for them all. 

Lockdown Around The World- Oceania.jpg

Lockdown Around The World: Oceania 

Since I’m your resident travel writer, it was obvious that when it came to more Covid-19 info, I was going to bring you a story with international flair. As the world slowly emerges from lockdown (and parts go back in, as cases surge again in certain places), we take a look at how measures have varied immensely from one country to the other, and even regionally. 


Wanderlust: How Moving Can Open a New Chapter in Your Life 

Wanderlust: This month, we talk to Jenny, a 30-year-old Drama Teacher and Cécile, a 40-something Education Assistant, who’ve lived extensively in the Middle East (and elsewhere!). They’ll tell us about their experiences and impressions. 

Kiran Singh 1.jpg

Entrepreneur Kiran Singh on Being an Ambitious, Hard-Working Single Mum 

This month, Femie interviews single mum, writer and editor of Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire and My Unique Home, Kiran Singh. Despite being incredibly busy juggling a myriad of projects, Kiran has agreed to share her inspiring story with us!


My Nightmare Pandemic Move 

For most people though, moves are said to be as stressful as a divorce or changing jobs. While there are no official studies so far, ask around in your friend circle and you’ll get both opinions and a bunch of stories to go with it.


Planet Dog: Meet Karen the Dog Breeder and Driver of The Pug Taxi 

Planet Dog: Meet Karen, a dog breeder and dog show competitor. My pug has been staying with her whenever we go away on holiday, and she drives an old black cab renamed the Pug Taxi by everyone that knows her!


Ode to The Postcard (And Other Souvenirs) 

When I was young, it was a given that if anyone you knew went away, you would receive a postcard from them. It would probably arrive long after they’d returned, depending on how far they’d gone, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that you got to see where they went.


Lockdown Around The World: Americas 

As the world slowly emerges from lockdown (and parts go back in, as cases surge again in certain places), we take a look at how measures have varied immensely from one country to the other, and even regionally. Here are a few (well, more than a few) people from various countries, telling you about their experiences during these testing times.

Mayhew Cattery  Kennels-41.jpg

Planet Dog: The Mayhew, An Animal Shelter in North West London 

This time, Planet Dog is visiting an animal shelter in North West London, The Mayhew. We talked to their team about the work they do, the help they need, and got some adorable pictures!


J.K. Rowling No Longer Deserves Our Support -But You Don't Have To Cancel Harry Potter 

Whether you’re an avid Harry Potter fan or not, you’ve probably read about the recent transphobic tweets and essay written by J. K. Rowling, one of the most successful authors of the 21st Century. It’s an extremely upsetting time to be a fan of the franchise, and this pain feels particularly personal for transgender and queer fans.


Stretch, Prime, Sand, Create – Life as an Artist With Caelyn Robertson 

Load shedding: A term coined by the South African government, where the country’s electricity is turned off for a certain time every day to save power consumption. My interview with Caelyn happened to be at a time during loadshedding and it caused delays. 

Corona Diaries- The Pandemic From a Midw

Corona Diaries: The Pandemic From a Midwife's Point  of View

Corona Diaries: Meet Aminatta, a 45-year-old midwife. She tells us how the pandemic has affected her work and revealed some cracks in the system.

Femie Interviews Yvonne Agyemang, Author

Femie Interviews Yvonne Agyemang, Author of The Book #ILoveHer

We interviewed Yvonne Agyemang, author of the book #ILoveHer, a practical guide to inspiring, developing and promoting self-love.

"I think it is important to also note that toxic situations do not only happen in these areas, it can occur in childhood as well with family break ups and that’s also something I found very toxic when I was younger."

Lockdown Around The World- Asia Femie Ma

Lockdown Around The World: Asia

Since I’m your resident travel writer, it was obvious that when it came to more Covid-19 info, I was going to bring you a story with international flair. As the world slowly emerges from lockdown (and parts go back in, as cases surge again in certain places), we take a look at how measures have varied immensely from one country to the other, and even regionally.

Corona Diaries- The Pandemic From a Biol

Corona Diaries: The Pandemic From a Biology Teacher's Point of View

For our 'Corona Diaries' this month we talk to Cécile, 38, a Biology teacher at a private school in London.

"This remote teaching had been in the air for a few days as many countries had begun their lockdown, especially France. As a French school, we knew this would most probably happen sooner rather than later, so we had a few chats about that among colleagues."

Femie Magazine Wanderlust- A Friendship

Wanderlust: A Friendship That Survived Time and Distance

This month on Wanderlust, we talk to two friends: Jenna*, a Student Experience Officer from Melbourne, and Marine*, co-founder of an eco-friendly start-up from Singapore. They’re both 31 and met at school in France. They have since moved to far away shores. Their friendship has survived the test of time and distance, as Jenna was recently Marine’s Maid of Honour.

Lockdown Around The World- Europe Femie

Lockdown Around The World: Europe

Since I’m your resident travel writer, it was obvious that when it came to more Covid-19 info, I was going to bring you a story with international flair. As the world slowly emerges from lockdown (and parts go back in, as cases surge again in certain places), we take a look at how measures have varied immensely from one country to the other, and even regionally.

Femie Mag Corona Diaries - The Pandemic

Corona Diaries: The Pandemic From a Supermarket Manager's Point of View

 Corona Diaries: Meet some of the people who have been thrown into the thick of it during the pandemic and find out what it’s been like for them while they’re either working to keep you safe or sheltering in place for fear of going out.  

Guide Dog Fostering - Camilla and Isabel

Guide Dog Fostering: Camilla and Isabel's Story

Planet Dog 3: This time, we’re talking to Camilla and Isabel, both 29, who foster Guide Dogs that are training with the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association. They currently have one at home, called Maxwell.

How To Get Extra Cash and Make Room in Y

Get Extra Cash and Make Room in Your Home: The Joys of Decluttering!

Have you ever stared at your bank balance and ever wondered where on Earth your cash went? Didn’t you literary just get paid a week ago? Between rent, food, student loans and credit card repayments, suddenly your income just shrunk to a tiny sliver you are meant to use to go out and, you know, have fun with.

Femie Magazine Saving Memories From The

Saving Memories From The Landfill With Your Very Own Memory Box

This is a concept that’s so close to my heart. It keeps my memories safe and reminds me of things I may have forgotten or pushed out of my memory. I’ve kept a memory box since I was about 10 or so; no one ever told me to do it; I just did.


Making Your Commute Better One Book At a Time… Or Is It a Music Playlist?

The daily commute… ahh, not entirely the greatest part of the day - you’re pretty much bound to an hour or so of traffic that doesn’t really ease up too eagerly. So many hours of our lives are spent in traffic, so learning how to make the most of this time is a pretty reasonable investment in your sanity.

Photographer Eloïse Atkins Talks Inspira

Photographer Eloïse Atkins Talks Inspiration, Creative Processes and Being Featured on PhotoVogue

Femie Magazine interviews photographer and LCF student Eloïse Atkins, who tells us all about her beautiful snaps; from her creative process to her Radical Beauty project, featured on PhotoVogue.


We Interviewed Painter Leonie Edna Brown – Little Girl With a Brave Heart

Femie Magazine's very own Shankar Puri was recently in Cape Town to interview artist Leonie Edna Brown, who talked to him about art, religion, love and the everlasting trauma of a difficult childhood.

Wanderlust - Holiday Inspiration For You

Wanderlust: Holiday Inspiration For Your Post-pandemic Getaway!

All any of us want to do right now is get out of our house. And most of us want to take it even further and get the hell away from here and go somewhere nicer, really far away. Unfortunately, we’re all stuck in place. But we can dream! Let me give you a little tour of my favourite destinations so you can get some serious inspiration for your next holiday as soon as we’re allowed back on the plane!


Let’s Be Honest, We All Know Now That Greta Thunberg Is Right

Huh, seems like Greta Thunberg was right after all. Who would have thought that reducing our carbon footprint would actually save the planet? She did. We’ve seen a decrease in air pollution, wildlife returning to our backyard - sometimes literally, and we’re also noticed a super reduction in road traffic. All of this in the few months where ‘normal life’ came to a sudden halt.

We Interviewed The Founders of London-Ba

We Interviewed The Founders of London-Based Group "Women of Brixton"

For our latest interview we have had the chance to talk to the three friends behind Women of Brixton, a community for women based in the heart of London.

The founders – Marella, Benedetta and Elisa – tell Femie Magazine more about their organisation, the role feminism plays in modern society and how important it is for men to participate in the conversation.


We Interviewed Lauren Jumrukovski, Author of The Book "They Say – Not Your Average Parenting Book"

Lauren Jumrukovski, author of They Say: Not Your Average Parenting Book, tells the readers of Femie Magazine everything about the constant struggle between doing what they say and what you think is best and the reasons why she chose to write this unconventional parenting book!

The Realisation That We Under-Appreciate

The Realisation That We Under-Appreciate Everything

This is probably the strangest upheaval of society that we have ever experienced, collectively and perhaps individually too. We’re either not going to work, or are risking our lives working, and there is a weird disparity between these two realities people are experiencing. For the former, this lockdown feels a bit like being home for the school holidays when you’re twelve and not allowed to do anything fun.

Career Changes- Do You Have What It Take

Career Changes: Do You Have What It Takes To Do Something New?

As many of us end up working in jobs that have little to do with what we studied; or find ourselves daydreaming about a different life, the answer might just be: make a change. But it can be daunting to leave everything behind and start afresh. While some of us feel like that is the best way forward, others decide to start small, and do something on the side.

Femie Interviews Larissa Reit-3.jpg

We Interviewed Fashion Designer Larissa Reit After Her London Fashion Week Success

Now that the dust has now settled on London Fashion Week, fashion designer Larissa Reit talks to Femie Magazine about sustainability, the origin of her brand and the importance of customer needs when designing a new collection.


Wanderlust: What It’s Like To Dream Of a Life Elsewhere But Not Be Able to Stay?

 This month we’re talking to three amazing ladies who wanted to make England their home, unfortunately due to visa restrictions they all had to move back to their countries of origin. Here they tell us what it was like, what they miss and what they wish for the future.


Femie Magazine Measuring Success and Mis

Measuring Success and Missing One's Past Self: The Telltale Story of a Stay At Home Mum

Kate is a 32-year old mother of two (a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 2) living in Tunbridge Wells. After studying English Literature, she started working as a Wish Granter for Starlight Children’s Foundation in London and worked up until 6 weeks before the birth of the eldest. She’s a keen actress and has been in several amateur shows.

Planet Dog Series - Femie Interviews Pet

Planet Dog Series: Femie Interviews Pet Portrait Artist Karen Maley

Planet Dog is your new series about everything canine-related. Meet breeders and rescuers, walkers and many more people who help make your pups happy!

Karen Maley is a part-time artist who specialises in pet portraits. Her drawings are incredibly lifelike and leap of the screen whenever a new design pops up on my phone!

Women in Music- 5 Inspirational Musician

Women in Music: 5 Inspirational Musicians Who Changed the Face of Music

While the likes of Whitney Huston, Etta James, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Cher and Beyoncé all left their mark on the history of music, there are a number of inspirational combos that make everything fall into place - the music is just phenomenal and their presence is enlightening.

Untitled design.jpg

Launching Wanderlust: The Monthly Column About Travel, Inspiration and The Occasional Expatriates!

This is Wanderlust, your new monthly column to regale you with all things travel! I’m not only going to tell you about my holidays (to be honest that would probably annoy you after a while), but I’m going to give you great tips about booking your own getaways, the coolest cities, the best walking tours, the nicest foods to try when you’re there…

Femie Interviews CEO and Entrepreneur Anu Obe From The Hair Extension Brand 'To All My Black Girls'

Femie Magazine interviews Anu Obe, founder and CEO of the hair extension company To All My Black Girls. The entrepreneur tells our readers everything about her brand and the importance she attributes to representation in the media for young black women.

West Syndrome, or Infantile Seizures: Seren's Journey To Becoming Medication-Free

Cat Wederell is a Nursery Practitioner and has been married to husband Mike since 2013. After trying to conceive for six years, they finally fell pregnant in early 2016 and after an uneventful pregnancy, Cat gave birth to little Seren in October via emergency C-section as she was two weeks overdue.

We Interviewed Italian Fashion Designer and Writer Marella Campagna

Since the publication of her first book "From Blank Canvas to Garment", fashion designer Marella Campagna hasn't stopped a second!

In an exclusive interview for Femie Magazine she tells us all about being an Italian nostalgic who can finally embrace her past, her memories, her present and her future in London.

5 Daily Habits For a Happier Life, a Happier You

 As you open the mirrored door, a mountain or creased clothes fall out, covering your feet and the entire bedroom floor. It’s time for a change; time to sort your wardrobe out and filter through your selection of clothes - this might take a while, but it will defo be worth it, we promise! 

We Interviewed LaNette Kincaide, Founder of The Non-Profit Organisation Women With Gifts

 Femie Magazine had a chat with public speaker, founder of the non-profit organisation Women With Gifts LaNette Kincaide, who told us more about the crucial role helping others has played in her life and how we can contribute to help women through her non-profit organisation! 

Going Viral: Can Internet Fame Be Considered As Valid As Real Fame?

‘Fast and Easy’ isn’t always the answer when it comes to success. The internet era, however, has created a platform that gives everyone a level of visibility that was never imagined before.

Social media has brought this amplified visibility to a higher level, giving a shot to notoriety to more people than ever.

We Interviewed Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur Javacia Harris Bowser From See Jane Write

Today we are interviewing the freelance writer, entrepreneur, public speaker and founder of See Jane Write, Javacia Harris Bowser.

She shared with the readers of Femie Magazine the simple rules of empowerment and how you can take your future into your own hands and find the right path for you!