Waiting Under the Same Sky - A Brief Ref

Over 7 million seconds since we last popped to the shops without feeling guilty about it, or went for a casual drink with our mates, or gave something like maskne a second thought.


They say time flies when you’re having fun, but do they talk about how every second feels like an eternity when you’re living through a global pandemic?

Meet Your New Skin Problem - Maskne Femi

2020 has so far been a year filled with new experiences (or lack thereof) and mounds of new vocabulary: social distancing, coronavirus, R-number and… maskne.

Whatever you wear though, you are likely to discover that maskne is a real thing. Especially if you have acne-prone skin to start with, like I do (thank you, genetic lottery).


“To me, art is an expression of your innermost feelings; the putting together of random thoughts that create a meaningful picture".

Kristina Cassar Dowling, Expression Meets Relaxation

"In a world that makes it so hard to stop and appreciate the present, most people are finding it hard to switch off for a while and enjoy some well-deserved peace".

Daniela Pisciottano, Diary of A Sleep Deprived Londoner

"The thing about living a healthy lifestyle is that it will not only prevent illnesses and maybe even cure some; it will also make you feel a thousand times better in your day to day life".

Ella Glover, Steps To a Healthier Lifestyle

In a world that is often shadowed by the downs in life, finding ways to keep positive, look on the ‘bright side’ and crack a smile every now and then is far from an easy task in the day’s routine.


Our mental health is one of the most valuable contributors to a healthy and happy life; whether you believe it’s all about mindset or not, finding ways to make the day a little bit lighter will probably do the lot of us some ounce of good.



Right now, the majority of the planet has ground to an undeniable halt in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Like millions of others, I’ve been locked away in my home for what feels like a lifetime on top of an eternity. Still, I count myself very lucky as - for the most part - the virus has disrupted my daily routine and little else.



Is It Uncool To Like Pop Music?

Taste in art is an incredibly subjective thing. As we fly through the 21st century, our access to music in particular is increasing at an exponential rate, and this means there is an incredible number of artists constantly emerging. One music genre continually evolving is pop.



DIY Spa Day: Do Something Creative and Caring For Yourself At Home

It’s a weird time for us all right now, and we’re trying to figure out what to do with ourselves during this unpredictable isolation period. Everyone has different coping mechanisms, and all of them are acceptable.



3 Top Tips to Prance Into Spring With Eco Swords A-blazin’!

Skipping into spring with a gleam of happiness on your face is the general approach most of us adopt once the rain clouds begin to disappear. Spring brightens the mood - and it also lightens the mood; ridding our psyche’s from the foul winter blues that we can never seem to shake off.


It's All In The Hips. How to Show Your Dominance in Every Pose

We’ve all been there, the dreaded Monday meeting where all the lads in the office dominate the space and make most women in the room feel inferior. It’s a fact that women feel a lot less confident in the workplace due to (possibly unintentional) machoness.


Social Distancing Done Right: A Guide to Following The Rules Whilst Keeping Your Sanity

Unless you’re Jared Leto and have just returned from some retreat to find the world in total disarray, you are fully aware that a new pandemic, Covid-19 (a form of Coronavirus), has been spreading globally since at least last November. The virus originated in the Wuhan region of China and has spread to almost every country in the world in the last few months. 


Healthy Snacks Straight to Your Door: The (r)Evolution of Food Deliveries

When I was younger, food delivery meant a pizza, or some other form of take-out. The bigger the city you lived in, the more you could get. But no-one ever thought about delivering you raw ingredients and a recipe, urging you to do it yourself. Yet here we are, in 2020, and I, like many others, wait around for a box of food to be delivered to my house.


Travel Essentials For a Stress-Free Getaway

When you travel, there’s enough to worry about with flight delays, potential hotel disasters and travel bugs. Regular travellers are efficient, and always breeze through security without being stopped. You’ve all heard about rolling your clothes and packing the heavy things at the bottom of the suitcase. But what are the things that make travelling a great experience, rather than a hassle?


The Effects Social Media Can Have On Our Eating Habits: Two Sides of The Same Coin

It is no secret that social media can affect our prospective of reality and, in some instances, the way we behave – from the clothes we buy to the food we eat.

When it comes to the latter, in particular, the situation splits in half, with people on both sides advocating pro and against the representation of food online.


Moving? Here is What You'll Need to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Whether you have just bought a house or you’re planning to rent a little flat for a couple of years, moving into a new place can be stressful.

If you’re lucky, you’ll just have to choose some furniture and start moving in all your bits and bobs. 

If on the other hand, your new place needs decorating, it will feel like a never-ending job.

But don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually!


Can Being Active Improve The Overall Quality of Your Sleep?

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle seems to be the winning combo to solve many health problems. Many skin conditions benefit from a balanced diet, cardiovascular problems can be improved with regular exercise; but what about your sleep quality?


Hey Vegans, Veggies and Pescis… Your Lunch Options Have Just Landed

Lunch is probably the most important part of the day, think about it.


Breakfast is always rushed and dinner, although absolutely deserved is pretty much a zombie-attempt at feeding your tired soul and reviving that drained mind (while venting on how your day at the office was).


A Tidy Home for A Relaxed Mind: The Effects Cleaning Can Have On Your Brain

 Have you ever come home from a stressful day at work and sat on your bed in frustration? There is nothing worse than feeling stressed and helpless but there is always a solution.

A study by psychologist Michael Tompkins has found that conducting “Mastery activities” can have positive effects on our brain, therefore relieving us from some of the stress accumulated during the day.


Big Box Laundry Powder Is so Last Season – Check Out The Hottest Laundry Showstopper: the Ecoegg

If you have to list the awful errands of the day or week, I’m sure laundry is right up there, just after ‘change the cat litter’ and ‘clean the gutters’.


Doing laundry sucks, it’s never exciting – unless the classic red sock slips into the white load – it doesn’t smell that great at the start and the end result is just … meh.

Why You Should Go to The Museum Alone: How To Beat Social Anxiety and Become Your Own Person

For some weird reason, solo-activities have become stigmatised by society to the point that no one would even think about going to the museum on their own. But what happens if we break that habit?

Small – But Essential – Steps to Living A Healthier Lifestyle

The thing about living a healthy lifestyle is that it will not only prevent illnesses and maybe even cure some; it will also make you feel a thousand times better in your day to day life.

The most common reasons that people don’t live a healthy lifestyle is that it is seen as expensive, difficult and inconvenient.

The Lessons We Can Learn From Sweden's 6-Hour Workday Experiment

With employees working shorter hours for the same rate of pay, was it possible for workers to achieve a healthy work-life balance and did companies suffer as a result?

A growing number of studies show the effects of what working longer hours does to the human body.

One Notebook For The Rest of Your Life – Shock, Horror – Wait, Seriously?

If you’re into creative writing but have not heard of NaNoWriMo - then by golly, you’re missing out! NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and has been held every year in November since 1999. The challenge is simple; write a novel in the 30 days of November. Heh, erm, yeah, sure… that sounds easy enough.  

5 Ways to Show Your Lover You Care With Zero Carbon Footprint This Valentine’s Day

With every Hallmark holiday comes a longing to please your loved ones, show them that you care and that you, in no way, forgot about them when it matters.


Valentine’s Day is one of those days where a teeny bit of affection needs to be shown, no matter how little you believe in the ‘holiday’, a small gesture goes a long way and deep down inside, it’s always appreciated.


When November Strikes You Know You’ll Be Typing With NaNoWriMo, The Biggest Writing Challenge

If you’re into creative writing but have not heard of NaNoWriMo - then by golly, you’re missing out! NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and has been held every year in November since 1999. The challenge is simple; write a novel in the 30 days of November. Heh, erm, yeah, sure… that sounds easy enough.  

NAR: Sustainable Candles to Spark Some Luxury Into Your Life

Winter is getting closer and closer… and that can only mean one thing! It’s candle lighting time! Well, not that we didn’t light up a few candles to ward away the mosquitos throughout the summer, but winter and candles are a match made in wax heaven, and we’re ready to light them up!  

Dealing With Anxiety: Could Art Therapy Be The Solution?

There are only a few things that can make you feel better when you’re feeling anxious but art seems to be one of them. In particular, “art therapy” is proven to be significantly helpful for people struggling with anxiety.

The Importance of Having a Strong Self Esteem and How To Improve It

Sometimes, when we think of “self-esteem”, most of us think that self-esteem is linked or related to some sort or relationship, but that’s not the case. While we spend more time categorising self-esteem, we forget the biggest part of the word that really matters and that’s the self of self-esteem.  

Dating Advice: Is It a Good Idea to Visit a Museum on A First Date?

What if the awkward silence on a first date turned into a moment of contemplation of an art piece? How much better would that date be if there was actually a reason to keep quiet other than the lack of topics of conversation?  

Diary of A Sleep Deprived Londoner: How CBD Oil Can Be The Solution To Many Problems

Being the editor of a small publication doesn’t sound too hard. Add to that a day job, a dog to walk, a home to look after and a partner to save some attentions for and you will soon realise that the life of an editor is not so glamorous after all!  

Save The Planet And Go All Out For The Holidays - The Secrets For a Sustainable Christmas

’Tis the season to head to the shops and blow your last two paychecks on absolutely useless stuff that so random and obscure; your anxiety meds won’t be able to keep up.


But there you are, rummaging around Paperchase and WHS to get the perfect wrapping paper for Nana’s Christmas present (shh, it’s a hot water bottle) or the most absolutely stunning Christmas crackers to set on the perfectly laid table.


Oh the magic, oh the festive feeling is pumpin’ now. 

The TATE Modern:

3 Awesome Pieces You Need to Hunt Down This Season

Modern and Contemporary art; two periods in the history of art that are often confused, disregarded or avoided for many reasons, the most primary: their content is totally misunderstood. And that’s pretty sad to say the least. Modern and Contemporary art firs of all, differ from one another in timeline, content and message - when you think of Modern Art you instantly go to Picasso, to Monet or maybe if you know that little bit more Rothko or Duchamp will boggle through your mind. But what did these lucid painters have in mind when creating their ‘masterpieces’?

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