Image by Annie Spratt

If I met my younger self and I told her that I launched a magazine she would laugh at me.


Because that's what we do when we're young. We think that every idea we have is lame and that it will never be successful. We tell ourselves things like "if you don't succeed, imagine the embarrassment". And so I would love to meet my younger self and tell her that she is wrong. Tell her that, even though we may not succeed, at least we tried; after all, life is all about trying.

Trying to be a better person, trying to meet deadlines, trying to please your family and friends. So why not trying to make a living out of what you love?

Femie Magazine was born out of the frustration of having to switch from a magazine to another when reading about things that matter to me. Finding news about fashion is like taking a stroll in the park, but try to find an article that will inspire you on any given "Glossy" magazine and you'll soon realise that it's almost impossible. Femie is the place where you can read all about fashion but also about stories of success and personal fulfilment

Daniela Pisciottano