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Femie (φημί, Greek for speak) is the new online magazine for dynamic, resourceful and glamorous women!

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More and more conversations about body positivity are taking place online, but the topic of skin has fallen slightly under the radar. Discussions about skinny-shaming, fat-shaming, and the shapes of our bodies are coming under the spotlight in mainstream media, but you have to delve a little deeper into Instagram to find people talking openly about their skin conditions.

You get dressed, have breakfast then brush your teeth. If you have time you style your hair nicely, if you don’t, a ponytail will do.

But what about makeup?

The clock is quickly ticking and you don’t have time to get your makeup bag out.


Packaging is an integral part of branding especially for beauty products; it emulates

luxury, personifies a brand and catches your eye. The problem is that most beauty products

are packaged in plastic and cardboard".

Ella Glover, 4 Must Buys From The New Lush Naked Collection

"Every Winter the industry gives us a list of trends and top picks to follow but what if, for once, you were the once choosing your own top trends for the season?"

Sarah Cottis, A Non-Guide to Winter's Lipstick Shades

"There’s a sustainable element that comes into play here and the ultimate moral of the story is that your wardrobe is clearer, more organised and only features your favourite items".

Kristina Cassar Dowling, Project 333 Explained

You might think that wearing a crop top is a bold move, something not everyone can afford to do but you would be wrong.


Every body type is a perfect body type for a crop top and we’re here to demonstrate that!


Is Cutting Your Own Bangs Really That Bad?

We have all been there; there is nothing better than cutting your doll’s hair to give her a makeover.

Luckily enough, “hair grows back” a statement extremely helpful when you feel like you just did something you shouldn’t have done but it’s too late to go back.

A Non-Guide to Winter's Lipstick Shades: Enough With Following Trends, Just Do What You Like!

Every Winter the industry gives us a list of trends and top picks to follow but what if, for once, you were the once choosing your own top trends for the season?

To help you, we have put together a non-guide to all the lipstick shades that go well with colours commonly associated with the cold season - from warming browns to majestic purples!

Surprising Benefits Of Rose Water For Your Eyes

Since ancient times, roses have been used medically, nutritionally, and as a source of


Whether your eyes are tired after staring at your computer screen or they are burning with weariness, nothing can provide instant relief like rose water.

Hoops,The Role Hoop Earrings Played in History and Pop Culture

Some think the bigger the better while others suggest the smaller the classier; either way, we can all agree that hoop earrings are the statement accessory everyone needs in their jewellery box!

Red: A Colour's Journey Through Fashion and Popular Culture

Summer is here and, unless you’re a staunch lover of blacks and greys, you will want to add some colour to your wardrobe.

Blame it on the hot weather or the sunny sky but every time we decide what to wear in the Summer we always go for something light to keep us fresh and colourful to keep us happy.

9 Tips For Your Eye Care That You Will Want To Read

We all know about how important it is to take care of our eyes. To help you find the perfect skincare regime for such a delicate area, we have put together some tips and recipes below.

Of course, everyone is different and, while some of these recipes might not work for you, we are sure you will find the perfect combination of ingredients for your skin type!

Guide To A Sustainable Wardrobe Revamp: Project 333 Explained

As you open the mirrored door, a mountain or creased clothes fall out, covering your feet and the entire bedroom floor. It’s time for a change; time to sort your wardrobe out and filter through your selection of clothes - this might take a while, but it will defo be worth it, we promise!


Remember when having to wear glasses had nothing to do with fashion? Well, those days are gone.

Just like every other fashion trend, glasses come and go but if there is one style people have always been obsessed with that’s round glasses.